A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 14

Pit 17

Unconscious, Yamach opens his eyes to find himself in a car on fire, turns around and doesn't see Okan on the side seat. The car may explode at any moment. He tries to free himself from the seat belt but he can't. He stares at the flames and the recent events and his family are reviewed in his mind. Salim, his mother, his father, Sena, Sena, Sena, etc., it comes to the moment when Sena gave him the hero's knife. He immediately pulls out the knife and frees himself and jumps out of the car and the car explodes behind him. A little further, Okan is unconscious, Yamach goes to him and hugs him. He screams and asks for help, but there is no one. He pulls his coat over Okan. And he calls Salim and gives the address of the accident site. Salim, uncle and Pasha arrive there some time later. Salim is scared and frantically wants to make sure of Yamach's health. Yamach is fine, but Dukan is dead.

At home, Akshin cries bitterly because of his hair, which his grandmother cut as a punishment. Sultan Baz complains to Idris about the senate and Idris asks him not to get involved with the senate. Alicho is sitting in front of the house with a bowl of soup in his hand, waiting for Yamach. Yamach and Salim are sitting by the sea. Salim, who is confused by the thought of losing Yamach, says: "I made many mistakes in my life, and I still do. Ten years ago, I should not have let you go. I should have returned home after being beaten. An 18-year-old boy We left alone..." Yamach says: "I would have gone anyway." Salim says: "What changed?" And then, remembering the night the hero was killed, he sheds tears. He says: "I always sat behind the steering wheel. If I had taken the switch that night... if I had made myself a hero's shield... if Salim had died, everyone would have been relieved." Yamach tries to calm him down, but Salim continues: "You were dying. Every day you take Jonto in your palm and go out. You never asked for this. I was so scared... I have no one." Yamach hugs him and says: "Look at me! I'm not Idris. I'm not a hero either. I'm Yamach."

Uncle, Mateen and Kamal take Okan's body to his house, and clean his father's body and the traces of fighting and shooting him, and arrange the scene so that he does not appear to be his father's killer.

Jahan goes to the dilapidated building where Efe and his friends are, one of them passed out and Jahan sends a scared and crying Efe to find a car. When Efe returns, he sees Anwar dead. Jahan hugs him and puts a knife in his side and throws Efe in the car he brought and leaves him in its trunk and in a dilapidated door outside the city.

Alicho cannot see Yamach that night.

Salim goes to see Wartlo in the middle of the night and asks for 5 million liras of Okan from him. "Suppose I did," says Wartlow. "Okay?" Salim says: "Drink your life. Get lost now. I'm not here anymore. Tell your boss." Wartlow angrily threatens him and leaves.

Wartlow again drowns in memories of the past. His mother says to the man who is in their house: "You are not my husband. You were forced on me. My husband is Idris. He realizes his mistake and returns. He takes me and his son with him. You will all see. He sees the Sultan too. " And the man threatens to kill him.

Shab Yamach, whose face shows pain and regret and blames himself for the events that happened tonight, tells his father that he made a mistake and caused the death of two people. Idris says: "Take off your hat and see where you went wrong. What could you change?" Yamach blames himself and Idris tries to make him understand that he had a reason for his decisions and that he was not aware of what happened. He says: "There is no solution for death. If fate wants it like that, you can't stop it. Hang it. But you are a sinner. Like all of us, as much as all of us. You are also human. You are born from the earth." And then he starts reciting a poem and when he sees Yamach's surprised and curious look, he says: "What's wrong with me? Are you the only one who cares about poetry and art? My son, we were young once. We also know a little bit of poetry. " Idris tells Yamach that he thought he stopped Wartlow from being killed out of fear, but the uncle explained everything and now he knows that it was not the case. "Why did you do that?" he asks. "I'm just waiting," says Yamach. Idris repeats his question. Yamach answers with me and me: "Someone is an informer for Wartlow. One of us." As if he did not understand the meaning of Yamach's words, Idris looks in disbelief and says: "What do you mean? Such a thing is not possible." Yamach asks him to be calm, but Idris angrily says: "No! How do you know? You know who you are slandering?" Yamach says he is talking about something he saw. Idris Mei says: "What can you see? When you look at the neighborhood, you see people. When I look, I see my family. I see my children. I see my brothers and sisters. You ignore all this." You did it and ran away from us, now you come and say that there is a traitor between you. What right do you have?" Yamach says: "I didn't come of my own free will. I had to come. Everything I tried to fix got worse. I had three attacks, Wartlow knew about two of them. What were you thinking? Huh?" Idris gasps and Yamach, who is scared, retreats and says that he must have made a mistake. Idris kicks out Yamach. It is as difficult for Idris to believe such a thing as hearing that Salim did not defend his brother.


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