A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 136

Pit 65-2

When Damla enters the road, Jumali is already waiting for her and asks where she is going. Damla says: "You yourself know!" Let me go! Jomali says: "You always knew about everything your father did, didn't you?" Damla says: "I don't know anything." You are free to block me, but rest assured that I will protect my father because I only have him. Jomali hands Akshin's necklace to him and sadly leaves him alone. Damla cries when she sees the necklace and doesn't know what to do. At night, he reaches the place his father said and takes him in his car. Kamal and Mateen see his car and follow them, but they lose them again. When Damla and her father reach a safe place, Damla sadly asks her father: "Dad, are you related to Yojal?" Tell me, I don't know anything.. " Yujel swears that he doesn't know why the Kochvalis are looking for him and he doesn't know Yujel either. He calms down Damla in his own mind and then says that he will go somewhere else tomorrow so that no one will touch him.

Jomali walks the streets all night with sadness and even passes in front of Yildiz's house. Yildiz is happy to see him because he thinks Jumali has come to see him, but Jumali leaves without paying attention to him and Yildiz packs his things in tears. In the morning, Jumali meets Damla. Damla came to him alone and asked Jumali to promise that he would not kill his father. It is difficult for Jumali but he accepts. He goes to Oloch and takes Oloch to the coffee house without mentioning Damla's name.

Salim takes Karaja to a distant place and teaches him how to shoot so that his daughter is less afraid and ready. Caraja listens to him well and finally learns how to shoot.

Azar leaves the house with his people and goes to the pit. Kamal brings this news to Yamach, and Yamach goes to the crowded football field with Wartlow. Azar follows them and when he sees Yamach, he goes towards him, and all the people in the football field gather around him and his people and look at him threateningly. Yamach says: "We ourselves choose our friends and enemies, and you are not our enemy." If you want to be our friend, we will play football! Azar pulls back and goes home.

Idris sits in front of Oloch and tells him why he did these things to him and Oloch says: "You have four sons. I have no roots! Yujel suggested to me that there is nothing missing! Idris is upset by all his rudeness.

Damla is very upset and when she sees Jomali, she asks him if his father asked him how he was doing or not. Jomali answers in the negative and Damla gets angry and says crying: "My father never asked me how I am doing... I always wanted to be with him, I held my hand because of that gun so that he would like me..." Jumali tries to calm him down and hugs him.

Yamach comes to the coffee house and tells Ulouch that in order to let him stay alive, he must pull Yujel out of his hole, and Ulouch agrees and calls Yujel, and Yojel also agrees to send it to the desired address at night. Alicho, who is in the coffee house, keeps and remembers the address.

Yujal goes to the alligator and asks him to do something so that Azar will cooperate with them and the alligator agrees. He and his men attack three of the small casinos and kill the guards there in the name of Azar.


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