A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 134

Pit 65-1

Azar thinks to himself, what is the reason for the Kochvalis to kill his brother, and it does not come to a conclusion. At the same time, Yujal comes to see him. Yujel offers him cooperation and says: "I also want to take revenge on the little ones, so let's do it together!" But Azar treats him badly and kicks him out of the house. The crocodile, who has taken refuge in front of Azar, goes after Yujel and says: "You are a mischievous person!" I knew it was not Wartlow's work! Now that I see you, I understand everything! Yujel also likes him and the crocodile follows him.

The little ones have gathered in the coffee house and suddenly the discussion starts and everyone blames the other for all the problems. Jalason protests to them why they are holding hands and Yamach blames him and Jumali for causing more problems for them. They even kill Wartlo, who caused them to get involved with Azar, and everyone argues with each other, and at the end Jomali and Yamach shout at each other. Suddenly, Idris gets up and tells them to follow him. He takes his sons, Jalason, Makkah, Mateen, Kamal, and Alicho to the football field with his uncle and Madd, and divides the teams and tells them to play together. At first it seems ridiculous to them, but then each team plays the game with the help of each other and they are back to normal. Salim tells Jomali to go after Oloch's work and Yamach tells Wartlo to solve the problem they have with Azar together. On the other hand, the same unknown person is watching Alicho from a distance, but Yamach does not leave Alicho alone for a moment due to the dangerous atmosphere due to the presence of Yujal.

Sultan tells Damla, who has been quiet and withdrawn for a few days, to consider them as part of her family and not to think about anything because they will protect her. On the other hand, Salim goes to Karaja, who is not the same as before and does not talk to anyone, and Karaja says that he is afraid that they will be attacked at any moment and someone else will be killed. Salim tries to calm him down and promises to take him somewhere tomorrow.

Salim goes to see Oluch and takes the one million money that was supposed to be from him and leaves immediately, but leaves Matin and Kamal to monitor him. Oluch calls Yojel and says that he gave the money to Salim according to their agreement, and Yojel realizes that the Kochvalis have understood that Oluch is a traitor because they don't need this money anymore. When Ulouch finds out, he wants to go to Ulouch, but Yujel tells him not to do it at all so as not to put him in danger. Yujel realizes that a car is following him, so he somehow escapes from their sight and immediately calls Damla and asks her to come to the address he says and bring a gun and money with him because Lu Gone. Damla gets worried about him and prepares with fear.


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Farhad: سریال گودال قسمت 134