A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 130

Pit 64-2

Without introduction, Idris tells Azar: "I am Saleh's father." I came to say that my son did not do this and if he did, he would have said it. My son does not lie. We are not afraid of anything. Azar stares at him for a while and says: "Then the only thing I want now is blood!" You have to bring us five million, otherwise you know it! Idris shares this issue with the others and says that they should arrange the money anyway. Jomali protests why they should pay the blood price of someone they didn't kill and Idris says: "You should find Yojal Harumzadeh and not do this." »

Alicho is feeling better and Yamach asks him why he thinks he is to blame for everything. Alicho says with great sadness and embarrassment that he was the one who gave information about Akshin and the others to Yujal. Yamach quietly says that he is not guilty of anything...

Madd tells Jumali and Salim that killing Savash was the work of a crocodile and that he arrived there with a large number of his people after them, but Salim says: "I think it's Yojla's work." » Jumali decides to complete the crocodile's job! He sends Kamal and Mateen to find a trace of the crocodile and then asks Salim to talk a little. He says that Nejat is the other traitor of Uloch. Salim says that it is better not to rush and that Najat may have lied. Jumali is worried about Damla working with her father. Salim suggests that they borrow five million money from Uloch so that they can finally catch something.

Damla goes to his father's company early in the morning and tells him that Jumali is looking for someone named Yujal and if his father knows him, tell him because innocent people's lives have been taken. Uloch gets angry and says: "I sent you in that house to be against them, not to protect them!" They argue a bit and Damla leaves and suddenly sees Yojel entering his father's company. He hears their words from behind the door and realizes that Yujel is the same person. When he goes home, Jumali looks at him with a side of his mind and then says: "We need money!" We have to get it from your father. Damela says that she doesn't think this is a good idea because her father doesn't have that kind of money! On the other hand, Salim goes to Oloch and asks for five million money, and Oloch accepts. Salim and Kamal are monitoring Oluch from afar to catch something.

Sultan goes to Maliha's house early in the morning because of what he heard from Salim and Idris the night before without telling anyone. He says decisively to Maleeha: "I am now standing in front of you as a mother, not a woman." Because of the relationship you and Idris had years ago, my children's lives are in danger. Now you have to tell me everything and let me know everything you know. Maleeha says that she knows as much as Idris and not more.

Idris visits Alicho and sees him healthy and happy.


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