A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 126

Pit 63-3

The crocodile kills the owner of the bar, who was always preparing his ingredients, and then, when he gets better, he is surprised by his work and leaves the place where he has been hiding for a long time.

Nejat has sent an envelope to the Kochvalis, which Salim gives to Jumali. He ironically condoled Akshin's death, which made Jomali too angry, and he asked Damla for the address of Nejat's house, and then he attacked their house and killed each and every member of his family one by one. Nejat arrives and kills him too, and he remembers Akshin and cries.

Madd informs Wartlow that Savash has attacked his bar. Wartlow goes to the bar, but before him, Ramsey goes to the bar on Yojel's order and kills Savash and his men. When Wartlow gets there, he stops and says to himself: "There are people who want to blame the start of a very big war on us!" At the same time, the crocodile arrives with his men, and Vartlo and Madd understand that they are at the end of the line, when the crocodile suddenly sees Savash's body and gets scared and says: "I can't do anything to you anymore." You killed brother Azro! And runs away. Wartlow is surprised because he thought killing Savash was the crocodile's job.

After Sultan gets a little better, he goes to the girls and tells them all, even Damla, that they cannot leave the house without his permission or without the accompaniment of their husband or father. Then he goes to the balcony and hears Salim saying to his father: "Doesn't Maliha know anything? Idris says: "No, he knows my size... I don't know what kind of hatred this is." If he was going to take revenge, he should have taken it from me..." Sultan gets upset after hearing these words and angrily stares at Idris.

Ever since they lost Akshin, Alicho keeps telling himself that everything was his fault. He goes to his house and reviews with himself what he said to Yujel. Then he checks the books that Yujel gave him and sees a note from Yujel that says: So it's time for you to find me, Alicho. I am waiting for you 18/73. Alicho immediately goes to the desired address to finish the work he blames himself for.

Salim tells Idris that he doesn't know about any of his brothers and he doesn't get an answer to anyone he calls.

Alicho takes himself to the address Yujel said and goes to his roof. When Yujal finds out that Alicho has a gun with him, he takes it from him and then says: "Alicho, you are very good. What do you do with the little ones? come with me! Alicho says: "If I come with you, you have nothing to do with them anymore?" Yujel says: "Whether you come with me or not, I will not let them go!" Alicho also says that he will not go with Yujal. Yujel points his gun at him and says: "It's a pity." We could do a lot together. At the same time, Yamach shoots Yujel from the other side and knocks him down. Alijo is happy to see him. It turns out that an hour ago, Yamach realized from Alicho's condition that he knew something and followed him... After a while, Yujal opened his eyes as he fell on the ground.