A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 124

Pit 63-2

Yujel remembers that after losing his parents and when he was displaced on the street, he met Cheto and Cheto helped him.

Alicho finally remembers the picture of the wings by the dock that he saw earlier and finds its address, but when he regains consciousness, there is no one around and everyone has gone to the hospital with Yamach, who is sick.

Wartlow and Savash are in prison with their men. Savash hatefully tells him that he will pay as soon as he is released. Another person in prison tells Wartlow: "This is Savash from Kurtulosh. His back is to his brother Azar. We know Idris Baba, he has current rules and regulations, but they are working hard and they can do anything. Azar may be a disaster for your life! But Wartlow is not afraid!

Yujel takes Akshin, who is half alive, to the same dock where his mother threw herself into the water and places him on the ground right in the middle of the two painted wings. At the same time, Ramzi calls him and says that the Kochvalis are coming that way and that Yamach is left alone in the hospital. Ramzi goes to Yamach and Yamach can't do anything even though his eyes are open and Ramzi takes him to the basement of the hospital.

Jomali and Jalason, Idris and Alicho and the others reach the pier. Jumali goes to Akshine first and keeps calling him and caressing him, but it is too late. He turns to Jalason with tears in his eyes, and Jalason goes to Akshin crying and hugs him. Idris and the others watch this scene with great sadness and cry. Alicho stares at this scene in disbelief and remembers that he was the one who told Yujel everything about the little things and blames himself. An hour has passed and Jalason is not going to let go of Akshin. Mecca steps forward to calm him down. A little later, Jalason gets up and points his gun towards his head, when Mecca stops him. Jalason sits down on the ground in despair and screams from the bottom of his heart.

Yujel tells Yamach to return his ring. Yamach says he will put the ring on his body! Yujel says: "I don't know how long you can endure and watch the death of your loved ones, but now go to your mom and dad and hug them so you don't miss the chance!" »

Wartlow and Savash and their men are released from prison. Savash calls Wartlow and takes a knife to him and takes him to a corner. Medd, who saw this scene, chases them, and just when Savash is about to stab Wartlow, Medd throws his knife at Wartlow, and Wartlow stops Savash and even though he can easily kill Savash. He doesn't do it and Savash runs away. At the same time, Farhad said to the two of them: "Since your phone is off, send me a message." Give a lot of news! And they go to the cemetery together, and Wartlow stares at this scene in disbelief.

Yamach is discharged from the hospital and asks Mateen and Kamal if they have found Akshin or not? Mateen stares at him with great sadness and then they all go to the cemetery. Yamach watches Akshin's burial from afar and thinks deeply.

When Yujal was a teenager, he goes to the pit and when he sees Idris at a funeral, he points a gun at him to take his revenge, but a child in the crowd sees him and shouts, which makes Yujal run away and the others. They also follow him. Yujel hides in a corner and then goes towards the people of the pit and pretends that the person they are looking for has gone from the other side. They ask him to show his tattoo, and Yujel, who has already drawn the tattoo with ink, shows it and leaves the palace. A little later Cheto comes to Yujel and asks him if he finally did what he wanted or not? Young Yojel says: "No. Because we do not have an alliance. It is true that we have many people, but we need brothers. Those who never leave our backs. Then he had heated the special sign of black lambs with an iron rod and put it on his finger.

Jalason did not go after the funeral and sat next to Akshin's grave. He feels sorry for Akshine and asks him to wake up. Then, like a madman, he kicks away the dirt when Makkah stops him.

The little ones are not happy and everyone is sitting in a corner and crying. Sultan Nai cannot stand and says to Idris in tears: "I never asked you until now." But who is this? Why is he doing this to us..... Why? Why? Idris hugs him and tries to calm him down.


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