A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 119

Pit 62-3

Damla sits in front of Yamach in the coffee shop, a little later Yamach asks him suspiciously how his father knew Sadat and Nejat and the rest of those people. Damla says: "From where your father knew them!" Yamach says: "The question is that my father did not know them at all!" Damla doesn't know what to say when Madd arrives at the same time and says that he has found the crocodile's location. Damla insists that she come with them too, but Yamach does not allow her! Salim asks Yamach not to kill himself and shares his plan with him.

Salim, named Yamach, meets someone who has put himself in the place of a crocodile! The crocodile is watching them from a distance with a sniper to kill Salim who thinks he is Yamach! On the other hand, Yamach and Alicho are ambushed somewhere, and just when the crocodile wants to shoot at Salim, Alicho sees him and shoots, and the crocodile's finger is cut off, and with the sound of his bullet, there is a war between the two sides. A truck with Wartlo, Jomali and Madd in front of it, on the order of the crocodile, starts driving, and at the same time Damla arrives and pulls the truck driver and stops the front of the truck and saves them from death. Jumali looks at him and smiles.

A boy named Savash enters the bar when Wartlow is injured and angrily asks the owner of the bar who caused this disaster. The owner of the bar says: "Someone named Saleh is small. A family like yours. I mean like you and Azar. Savash says that he will settle that person's account because no one has the right to force their butler!

Yamach goes to Damla who is sitting in his car to get back together with Jumali and asks very seriously: "Damela, whose side are you on?!" Damla does not understand what he means and does not answer!

Akshin asks Sultan to go to the cemetery. Karaja also says that he will accompany him. Sultan agrees, but Ayesha says that it is better not to go anywhere today because Salim gave him a gun yesterday to protect himself and Ayesha. Sultan also tells Jalason to take Karaja to the cemetery. Jalason agrees against his will, but something happens to him and he leaves! Akshin, who is upset, goes to the cemetery alone.

Yujel goes to the last survivors of the black lambs and introduces himself to them. The black lambs do not believe him. Yujel tells them how he hid himself behind a dummy named Baikal and made plans with his old friend Cheto to capture the pit and defeat the Kochvalis. The man with the black ring, who was behind the curtain, was present everywhere, and incited more enemies against the Pit, was Yujel himself. Yujel explains to them: "Cheto and I have been in contact with each other all these years." But lately Chetu was no longer going with the plan and I let him go. That's why he lost his feet. If you want to get rid of your greed for small things, come with me because I am older and more experienced than you. After thinking for a while, the black sheep make a cooperation agreement with him.


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