A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 109

Pit 61-2

Damla is in the room and when Jumali sees her, she says that she is not feeling well. Jumali kindly says that if he wants to take her to the hospital. Damla is surprised that these things come from Jumali! He talks to Jomali a little about his father and his absence, and Jomali listens well to his words. On the other hand, because of Sena's death, Akshin's condition has worsened and he doesn't talk to anyone much anymore. Sultan goes to talk to him a little and have a heart to heart. Akshin is getting better.

Idris tells Jomali and Salim that they should find Yamach and even if he doesn't want to come back, they should watch out for him and protect their brother.

The crocodile has tortured the old man to death. He orders his men to write a note and send the old man along with the note to Yamach. The crocodile, whose actions are unknown, suddenly shoots at the old man and kills him.

Alicho takes Yamach to Maleha's house. Maleeha is surprised to see him and Yamach angrily asks her to tell him everything about that photo! Maleeha secretly goes to the room and calls Idris and tells him to come immediately because Yamach is his house. Idris goes there with Salim. Meanwhile, Maleeha tells Yamach that she likes a person named Adib who is in the photo and goes to the casino every night because of him. Even the writer's wife comes to Maliha one day with her little son and asks her crying to stay away from her husband. At the same time, Idris and Salim enter the house, and Yamach says to his father: "Adibu, you are on the ship, aren't you?" Now that person's son will take revenge for your work on me?! Why does it always have to be like this..." and then he gets shocked and falls on the ground and screams. Alicho hugs her to comfort her. A few minutes later, when Yamach regained consciousness, he said: "This person will not stop until he dries up my veins and roots." It means either I have to finish this work or that! At the same time, uncle calls Salim and says that they have thrown Jamil's body, the same old man, in the streets of Gudal and left a note that says: Yamach, my dear, show yourself as soon as possible, otherwise I will look for you. Do not hinder my work. I waiting for you! Yamach goes with Salim to find the man with the black ring anyway, and Idris returns to the coffee house to deal with Jamil's problem.

Wartelo goes to Sadat's house with Mateen and Kamal. Wartlow entrusts the two of them to enter the mourning hall and bring salvation to him without anyone noticing. Mateen and Kamal don't know how to do this among all those people, but they take Najat to Wartlo anyway. Wartlow also asks Nejat to show him the location of the precious stones.

Salim tells Yamach that apparently Baikal is still alive because Vartlo recently dug up his grave and found no body. Yamach also drives to the Baikal car exhibition. He fearlessly defeats all the guards and when he arrives at Baikal's office, he finds that he has escaped with Ramsey. At the last moment, Yamach sees Baikal's face and realizes that he is not the Baikal they know and that they have replaced him.

After Sena's death, he was a guest at Kochvali's house for a few days. After thanking Sultan and others, he goes to the neighborhood. At the same time, Yamach and Salim see him and Yamach goes to him and hugs him. Deren shows Yamach a video of Sena that he prepared for Yamach's birthday surprise before his death. Yamach cries and tears when he sees the video.


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