A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 106

Pit 60-3

Idris goes to Yamach who is sitting alone on the balcony. Yamach asks him not to tell him anything and sadly explains: "Remember you said that the pit will not leave you... But it will take all your love, affection and hope from you, Dad... I can't breathe here anymore... I don't want to be like Be you... » Idris hugs him, but Yamach pushes him aside and leaves.

Sadat comes to the neighborhood and tells everyone in front of the coffee house: "Yamach must apologize to us so that we can deliver the sex to you!" Everyone is silent and Yamach, who was passing by with his luggage, goes towards him and pulls out his gun and shoots him in the head and says: "I'm sorry..." and leaves! Everyone thinks about his move in disbelief...

Uncle says in the coffee house where Salim, Wartlo, Jomali and Oluch's boss are: "I have to go on a date tomorrow with Mitat, who is a stone buyer..." Oluch remains silent and doesn't say anything. When the uncle goes to his appointment, he sees Mitat's body at his workplace. Ramzi, who was already there and the murder of Mitat was his own work, is watching his uncle from behind the wall. When the uncle leaves and goes to Idris, he is sure that they will blame the murder on them. He tells the story to Idris and they both get worried. The day before, the man of the black ring had ordered this murder to Chief Oloch and he to Ramzi.

When Idris did not answer her calls, Maleeha goes to his door and says that they must talk about an important issue. Idris goes to Maleeha's house and Maleeha puts the old photo of the two of them that Baikal gave her in front of Idris and says: "A man named Baikal told me that if Yamach wants to know why Sena died and what happened to him, then Look at this picture! Maleeha shows a man in the corner of the photo and says: "A writer! Did you remember?! It must be related to him. Idris smiles and says: "It's not possible!" The party died twenty years ago! What does it have to do with Yamach and Sena! Maleeha says: "There must be something." Adib had a family... he had a son, maybe even boys. You have to put this together with Yamach. »

Yamach goes to Alicho to say goodbye to him. Alicho gets upset and says: "Yamach, if you leave, he won't die." It is with you everywhere. You can't forget it. Yamach says: "I know." But I can't stay in the pit anymore. Gudal is changing me..." On the other hand, Idris calls Salim and asks him to find Yamach for him immediately. Salim, along with Vartlo and Idris, go to Alicho's house. Idris sits in front of Yamach and shows him the photo and explains everything he heard. Yamach doesn't want to stay and take revenge and because he didn't believe his father's words, he says: "I know whose work it was and I killed that party as well." I don't want them to use the Senate anymore. This matter is over and has nothing to do with me. And after saying goodbye to his brothers, he leaves.

Yamach walks around the neighborhood for a while and all the residents who understand and love him do everything they can to say goodbye. Yamach constantly sees Sena in his dreams and even feels so real that he offers her a trip for two, but when he hugs her, his hands get wet and he realizes that it was all a dream and a dream. Yamach finally leaves the neighborhood. He sits on a bench and remembers the painful events that happened to him during this time. A little later, she notices an envelope on her bag. He opens the envelope and comes across the old invitation letter of Rose's casino and remembers that he saw the name of this casino on the back of the photo that Idris showed him and also on the sign of the place where Sena died. ..


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