A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 102

Pit 60-1

Wartelo and Vali go to see his boss and the boss says that Mahson is in Shila. Wartlo immediately calls and tells Salim and Yamach this news. They are also in Shila, but the address Wartlow gives them is a different place. On the other hand, when Mahsoun enters the house and doesn't notice Sena, he gets angry and realizes that Ro has been touched. He gets into his car when Yamach and Salim see him, and Yamach chases after Mahsoun after dropping Salim off in front of the hut where Sena was. A message comes to Mahsoun's phone saying: First, take the Yamach and then come to the address I will tell you. Mahson parks his car somewhere and hides himself, and when Yamach approaches him, he punches him hard and the two fight. Mahsun knocks Yamach to the ground and then says: "I promised him I won't kill you!" Don't make me break my promise, kid! And he goes. But Yamach gets up and punches him one after another and asks where is Sena? Finally, Mahsun escapes from him and gets into his car, and Yamach follows him.

Salim, who could not find Sena, returns to the neighborhood. Jumali and Vartlo get angry when they see that Yamach is not with him. Jomali asks Damla to ask her friend to trace Yamach's phone as well.

The man with the black ring throws Sena into the iron box and fills it with water and locks the door very tightly and leaves him there! When Sena regains consciousness, she is scared and keeps calling Yamach. A little later, Mahsoun arrives there and sadly tries his best to save her, but he can't do anything. At the same time, Yamach arrives and thinks that it is Mahson's job to imprison Sena. He shoots at Mahsoun, and Mahsoun, who is wounded, leaves the place. When Yamach sees Sena, he cries and tries his best to save her, but he cannot even break the glass of the compartment or open the lock. He, who is already disappointed, stares at Sena crying, and Sena, who knows that there is no way out, asks him to come forward with a gesture and kisses him from the other side of the glass and dies... Yamach cries there He stares. A little later, the compartment is unlocked and Yamach pulls Sena out and holds him in his arms, crying in great pain. He notices the traces of Mahsoun's blood and gets up in disgust and finds him on the roof. Mahson, who is seriously injured, tells him: "I didn't do anything... I love him..." but Yamach attacks him and throws him down from above. Mahson does not move anymore and Yamach returns to the senate.

Jomali also sets out to find Yamach with the address given to him by Damela's friend.


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