A dangerous neighborhood, "The Pit", ran by a noble mafia family called Koçovalılar. When the family is in the danger of losing the control of The Pit, their youngest son now must come back to his home, where he could never escape from.
Çukur Serial Part 10

Pit 13

At home, Yamach learns from the words of Sena and his mother that his father has regained consciousness. She gets very excited and cries with happiness. Sultan informs Yamach that Idris wants to see him. Yamach wipes his tears and runs a hand through his hair, and after taking a deep breath, he opens the door to his father's room. When Yamach catches sight of Idris, he becomes angry and looks at him with love for a few moments. Idris is also happy to see Yamach, but he doesn't accept him too much and asks his son to come closer for a kiss. Yamach comes forward and kisses Idris' hand. Idris asks: "What did you come for?" "Yamaj answers with tears in his eyes: "My mother came to Saddam. Shouldn't I come? "Idris says: "Didn't you say neither for your death nor for my death?!... Is that a lie? Yamach's tears flow and he says with a trembling voice: "Should I go?" Idris turns his face away from him and says: "You know!" Yamach, who did not expect this cold behavior from his father, becomes quite upset. But he says softly: "Don't bother yourself now." Later, talking. He leaves Idris's room and angrily puts the hero's belongings in the desk drawer of Idris' study and leaves the house without paying attention to Sultan's requests. After Yamach leaves, Salim, Amy and Pasha enter the house. When they hear Idris's voice, they are transfixed for a moment, then Selim, who is very excited, hugs everyone and moves forward to see his father, but the Sultan says that Idris said only Pasha and Amy should enter the room. Hearing this, Salim starts crying and looks at his mother's face with sadness. Disturbed and confused by this issue, he immediately goes to see Vartolo in a ruin to give him the latest information he has. Salim shows Okan's photo to Vartolo and after introducing him, he says: "His manager has 5 million lira left. Tomorrow we will go for sponsorship. 1 million is our commission. If the money goes to the pit, the whole thing will be solved. Whatever you do, just solve it as soon as possible. Salim informs Idris that he has regained consciousness and leaves. This news worries Vartolo. He orders Madd to bring all his men from their hometown to Istanbul.

While it's been a few days that Akshin doesn't know about Jalason and he's bored and restless, Jalason sneaks into the house of Kochowali and sneaks around their house without attracting attention and enters Idris' office. Jalason takes out the box containing the hero's equipment from the desk drawer. He likes the knife in the box and takes it. Karaja, who is watching Jalason from behind the glass, enters the room and threatens Jalason that he will tell everyone about his theft. Jalason is scared and wants to leave without any trouble, but Karaja first takes the knife from Jalason and then makes a condition to let him go, saying: "Kiss me!" Jalason walks towards the door, but Karaja calls his mother loudly to let her know that he is not joking at all. Jalason covers Karaja's mouth and then kisses him softly on the lips. Karaja is not satisfied and kisses her more and says: "I will call you." If you don't come, I swear to God I will tell everyone what you did. Jalason is stunned by Karaja's behavior and does not know what to say. He leaves the house with the help of Karaja.

Karaja, who likes to make trouble for others, hides the hero's knife under the hero's pillow and creates a scene in such a way that Ajar took the knife without permission. Then he goes to his grandmother and reports the theft to her. Sultan angrily goes to Ajar to punish him. Ajar claims that he did not steal anything, but Sultan holds his hand tightly and drags him to the room. In order to defend Ajar, Sena searches his room first and finds the knife and takes it upon himself to take it and tells Sultan that Yamach called and told him to keep that knife for him. Sultan leaves the brick and blames Sena. After this incident, Ajar hugs Sena and Karaja looks at him, dumbfounded by Sena's work.

Yamach goes to visit Alicho with a bowl of soup and when he sees his humble and remote house, he suggests that Alicho also live in Gudal neighborhood, but Alicho refuses and only asks Yamach not to be angry with him. Don't treat him like Idris. Yamach, who knows that Alicho can get good information about the happenings of each house by collecting garbage, says to Alicho: "Mecca sends you garbage. You take a look. Then I will come and we will talk again. »


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