Bahman Mardani (Mohsen Kiaei) returns to Iran to discover the secret of what caused him to flee abroad twenty-five years ago. ..
Bi Gonah Serial Part 14

Rashid talks to Abrisham about Sohrab and asks how he is.

Abrisham says what are you hiding from me? Forough says that he understood that they did not ask him to tell Bahman's call and he wants to know the reason.

 His father uses political work as an excuse. And then he says that I hated Bahman and everything that was Bahram's memory, and I kept Bahman as my own child only because of Abrisham.

Abrisham says I forgot Bahram after marrying you. Abrisham decides to go to Monirieh's house.
Sohrab goes to people to follow the stolen carpets. We understand that he himself was the cause of his friend's being stolen.

Sohrab is threatened to be exposed. Sina is in the hospital. Sohrab arrives. They talk with Abrisham.

 Sohrab, the sister of Zina Solati, who comes to the hospital, takes her statistics.

Sohrab finds Gina. He has dinner with him. Gina works in a watch shop. He has a contact in Turkey whom Sohrab is looking for. Together, they go to someone whose work is good and they have been introduced to them.

They want money to buy a watch. They want a promissory note. Sohrab and Gina are in the car, scared to avoid getting stuck at the checkpoint. Gina says that watches are luxury and they are contraband.

A policeman is looking for them are on the road In the next picture, we see that Sohrab is on the ground. He is alone and his car is in the middle of the road with the doors open. 

He looks for Gina, but sees that she is not there and that the box has been emptied. The next image is watching Gina on the hospital bed. Kiana tells Narges that Casket wants to see her.

In the hospital, we find out that Sarina has a phobia of her father's sudden absence, because Nargis's house was told by her mother.

He says this to silk. Kiana arrives at that moment. Atta is looking for someone. He hits him and says, "Are you going to go?" What if he died?