Bahman Mardani (Mohsen Kiaei) returns to Iran to discover the secret of what caused him to flee abroad twenty-five years ago. ..
Bi Gonah Serial Part 13

Serial Bigonah Part 13 - What We Should Know before:

In the past, we see Bahman as a child who went to his brother Bahram's grave without the knowledge of Abrisham. Abrisham arrives in a rush and says why he came here alone, Bahman tells about the marriage of Abrisham and Rashid and is afraid that Abrisham will leave him alone. Silk promises him that he will never leave him alone and take him with him wherever he goes, and then he hugs him and they leave together.

Abrisham and Rashid are sitting in their bedroom and are sad in silence. Abrisham tells Rashid that bad nights bring insomnia and never end, and tells him about the strange sadness in his heart. Rashid says that in all these years, he had two fears in his life, one of which was the events of tonight. He says Bahman has not changed at all and tomorrow he should tell him what their answer is. Abrisham asks about Rashid's second fear. Rashid says fear of losing you.

Ata is still sitting in his car on the street and is helpless about Sarina's disappearance. He receives a voice message and the sound of Mehtab is played, which informs that Sarina is with him. He says that Sarina said not to tell anyone, but she sent the message because she knew they were worried.

Seena and Parveen are in a taxi and Parveen keeps calling Atta but she doesn't answer. At that moment, Ata calls Sina's cell phone. Parveen says to put it on the speaker, even though Sina insists that it is ugly in front of the driver, Parveen firmly insists to put it on the speaker and Sina inevitably agrees. Atta says that he has found Sarina but does not say where she is. Parveen protests why he didn't answer and Atta ignores him and says goodbye to Sina and hangs up. Sina tells about the adventures of Bahman and Forough, and Parveen twists his question. Sina asks about the situation between Forough and Bahman and Parveen says that only he knew about their love and explains everything. Parveen asks Seena to talk to Sarina, Seena says Sarina needs to be heard, not talked.

Sarina is in Mehtab's house and has somehow become friends with her mother. Sarina tells Mehtab that she realized that she had informed her father. Mehtab says that he did not want to tell the news, but his father's condition was very bad. Sarina says that I also wanted them to feel bad and now her mother is coming after her and Mehtab says that her father promised not to tell anyone. Then he talks about how one day his father went missing and never came back and advises Sarina to appreciate her father.

Bahman is in the carpet weaver's house and goes to Sohrab's yard. Sohrab says that he is upset because of the carpet issue and that his reputation has gone to his father. Then he tells Yalda to bring them tea. Bahman questions Manouchehr, Forough's ex-husband. Sohrab talks about her good things and says that he was in love with Forough and has never seen a couple like them, then he says that only I know what his wish was and I was not too sad about his death! Bahman gets sad and says that Forough deserved it. Yalda brings tea and takes an old mobile phone from Sohrab and leaves. Bahman asks what was Manouchehr's wish? Sohrab says that he wanted to die before Forough. Both are very affected.

Atta is asleep in her car in front of the carpet store when Mehtab arrives and asks why she is here. Atta talks about her fight with Parveen and says that she didn't have the key to the store and had to sleep in the car. He finds out about Sarina from Mehtab and she says that their house is left and let her stay for a week. Mehtab asks about the seriousness of Atta and Parveen's fight and Atta says that it is not enough. Mehtab says you shouldn't let Sarina know that you didn't go home and she agrees.

Sarina and Nahid, Mehtab's mother, are doing make-up at home so that Nahid can come for the photo shoot. Sarina photographs Nahid. After that, he talks about her beauty and Nahid asks if Ibrishmet's mother is also beautiful. Sarina says that the teacher calls her lovely and reads poetry to her. Nahid's face is confused.

Yalda goes to Punishti's house and sees that the neighbor's little girl has come to her because her parents have gone to work. Yalda gives Sohrab's old phone to Punishi and he invites Yalda inside for lunch.

Yalda has become a little girl in the house of Punishti, and Punishti is busy cooking. Purushi comes and wants to help the little girl in pulling Yalda and starts looking at Yalda. Yalda is embarrassed and looks embarrassed when her phone rings. He is Yalda's friend and says that everyone has come for the meeting, and Yalda says that they should go a little further until he arrives.

Avalanche and silk are on the ground. Bahman tells about his fear when he married Abrisham. He says you said you would not leave me alone but you did and asks Abrisham to let them marry Forough. Silk disagrees and leaves.

Sina goes to Yalda's cafe to talk to him. They sit at a table and he talks about his parents' fight and Sarina's departure. Yalda says that it was necessary to tell Mom Abrisham and the teacher to talk to them. Sina says that she cannot talk to her mother easily and wants to talk to Yalda and tells about her love for Kiana. He says that Kiana does not fall under the burden of his love and that she likes Sina's friend and he is afraid to introduce them to each other. Yalda says to invite Kiana to the cafe.

Parveen and Forough talk about Bahman together. Forough explains that Bahman informed Rashid and Abrisham about the break in their love and the two sisters cannot accept this story. But Forough says that Bahman said that the master told the person who bought the Monirieh house not to give their numbers to Bahman, and whenever Bahman called, the owner's daughter answered and they got to know each other and got married. Parveen says that girl is now working in Ostad's store.

Forough is surprised. Parveen also talks about the miseries of his life and Ata and Sarina's anger, and Forough also says that Jana has not come home either. Then they talk about the popularity of moonshine in the store.

Kiana comes to Yalda Cafe. Yalda comes and pretending that she and Sina don't know each other, she takes orders from them. Kiana says you said you have a surprise for me, did you date Casket? Sina says do you really like to see him? Kiana says very much and she should see him soon. Then Kiana starts to say serious things to Cena and seems to want to tell her that she loves Cena too.

In another scene, Tara, Yalda's friend, and herself see the two of them, when the professor of pluralism enters with a bouquet of flowers and goes to greet them. Punalazi says that he came to announce his readiness for an interview with Yalda magazine. Suddenly, the owner of the boutique, who is in love with Kiana, arrives and beats Sina, and Kiana fights with him. Cena comes forward and fights with the man and he stabs Cena. The man runs away and Yalda comes over Sina's head.