Ben Gri Series English Subtitles

A new Turkish mystery and crime series ready for its world premiere.

Ben Gri or I am Gray series tells the story of a successful and respected lawyer, happy husband and loving father. His name is his Fawad and he adheres to justice and human values.

Now he faces a new dilemma.
His daughter is the victim of a horrific rape and is in a coma.

If you try to find the attacker, you will see her message.

The message says that the attacker has been found, but in order to take revenge on him, you will have to enter the symbol. 

Does he agree to be the cause of this attacker's death?

Fawad's narrative series aims to find this solution. His life has been turned upside down by this issue and he is now forced to contend with his past and his own dark personality.

The series is available worldwide on Disney Plus and in the US on Hulu.