A family named Tharwat moved furniture from Eskishahir to Istanbul.

They have twins named Karam and Aje, who study in a private university. Now Karam and Aje meet people who are not like them.

This difference makes them enter worlds that they did not think about.

Meanwhile, while they are busy getting hurt, their father goes to his father's house.

He has not set foot in that father's house for 25 years. 

The story leads to resentment between the father. Their mother, Blaise, has also faced a new world.

Ashofteh Serial Part 11

Ashofteh Serial Episode 11

Karam, Oren and others all see. Oren fights with Derin that this was your solution? Dirt in your head!

Oren and Darin go to Karam and Ajeh's house that night to inform that they are ready to help to find out whether Yaez caused the accident of his father or not.  

When they were at the door, Aaron invites them to dinner to meet his children's friends. Oren wants to run away from the house so that the guards don't find him, but Ruhi understands and says let's go together to the hospital where Aaron was taken to see what happened.  

Tomorrow morning, Haroun goes to his former workplace in Istanbul to apply for a job again. There, he sees his former boss to see that the other party covered up a case due to bribery. They get involved and go to the police station.

At university, Derin goes to Karam. Aje goes to Oren. Derin apologizes to Karam. Karam says no, nothing happened. On the other hand, Aje is also looking for work. He says to Oren, don't you know someone in the hotel to find a job for me? He says no. Relationships become cloudy.

Haroun calls Karam and asks him to pick her up from the police station.  

The worm goes. Haroun tells him about the punching incident. Asif goes to Rashid, pays Harun's debt to Rashid and asks him not to come to his son again. Rashid also threatens Asif to tell your son not to look for trouble, otherwise we will kill him.  

Asif goes to investigate about Rashid and finds out that he is a mafia. At night, at the dinner table, Haroun is accused of going to the police station and causing new trouble. He says there is no problem, I will come to my father's house like 25 years ago. He closes the door and sends him to prison with his own hands. they get angry

Derin's friend calls Karam and says come to the bar, Derin is not feeling well. He drinks a lot and is drunk. Karam goes to the bar (club) and picks her up and brings her to their house. He sneaks inside and they sleep separately at night. In the morning, when Derin wakes up earlier than others, he takes her home. Derin says tonight let's start winter together. It's New Year's Eve. Karam also accepts. Darin says I want to tell you something which I can tell only there.

Oren calls Aje in the morning. He says that I found a job for you in a safe hotel where I know all the people. Go there, introduce yourself and start working. It goes there. Ruhi is there. Aje says to Ruhi, I didn't want to come with the party game. You think I don't know Oren and give me a job as a waiter. He starts his work. He is working at night when a man reaches out to him. He panics and gets scared and throws the glass of water on him and gets fired.

On the other hand, Karam goes to the party ahead. Someone from there sends a picture of Derin and Karam to Yaez. Yaez is in a meeting at the same hotel where Aje works. He sees that he has been touched. He wants to tell Ajeh that he disagrees.  

One of the hotel employees calls Oren and informs him of Aje's dismissal. He expresses ignorance of the reason. Oren reaches the edge. Aje says I can't say why this happened. After he defined Oren goes and hits the man.  

Karam and Derin are at the party when Yaez arrives. Yaez turns to Derin and asks, did you explain everything to Karam? Derin says that you are very mean. Karam asks what did you ask me? Darin says nothing. Yaez says did you tell him the events of that night that you exposed the worm to save yourself and Oren? Karam also lets go of Derin's hand and leaves.  

Karam tells Darin, I will never let go of the hand I hold, but the hand I let go, I will never hold again .  


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