A family named Tharwat moved furniture from Eskishahir to Istanbul.

They have twins named Karam and Aje, who study in a private university. Now Karam and Aje meet people who are not like them.

This difference makes them enter worlds that they did not think about.

Meanwhile, while they are busy getting hurt, their father goes to his father's house.

He has not set foot in that father's house for 25 years. 

The story leads to resentment between the father. Their mother, Blaise, has also faced a new world.

Ashofteh Serial Part 10

Ashofteh Serial Episode 10

At Yaeez and Rashid's house, after the fight with Oren, Yaeez goes to show himself to his father to say that Oren beat him. Oren's father and Yaez are two big heads of the city who have financial relations with each other.  

Oren is watching a movie at home. A voice comes from the kitchen. Aje saved a kitten last night. He feeds him.  

Yaez goes to Darin. They discuss in his house. Yaez says to save yourself, Karam and Oren, you should come to the university and apologize to everyone. Officially declares that Yaez caused Harun's accident.

Darin goes to Oren's house. After these events, he sees that the door of the house is full of guards and bodyguards. Oren says go. The spirit who is his father's advisor says that your father sent these to take care of you.  

Darin comes to Oren and says now it's my turn to save you. He has made his decision. Oren is curious. Derin doesn't tell him anything but says I'm doing my job.  

Derin calls Yaez and says I accept your offer. At the university, Karam and Aje talk to the professor who is supposed to solve their case. The professor talks to Rashid, Yaeez's father, and says that this case is against your son as well. If it has to be opened, it will be opened for all three people. Rashid agrees to its closure. They inform the children that the case is solved. Karam says I should go to Yaez to see if he knows anything about my father's accident.

Yaeez doesn't know that the problem of the case has been solved, but the news of it being solved by his father reaches his ears. He says I have hit your father and his money is also missing. They understand the story.  

They go to the police station . There they find out that Yaez paid someone to make himself the cause of the accident . The bodyguard was Yaez's bodyguard and took money to say that I caused the accident . Darin also goes to the university and apologizes to Yaez in front of all the children and hugs him .