A family named Tharwat moved furniture from Eskishahir to Istanbul.

They have twins named Karam and Aje, who study in a private university. Now Karam and Aje meet people who are not like them.

This difference makes them enter worlds that they did not think about.

Meanwhile, while they are busy getting hurt, their father goes to his father's house.

He has not set foot in that father's house for 25 years. 

The story leads to resentment between the father. Their mother, Blaise, has also faced a new world.

Ashofteh Serial Part 9

Ashofteh Serial Episode 9 

Darin and Oren are talking. Oren tells Derin you fell in love with Karam. Derin denies it. He gets angry and leaves.  

Oren goes to apologize and they reconcile again.

Oren goes home at night and sees Yaez waiting for him at the door. Yaez provokes Oren with his words. They fight. Oren beats Yaez. Cameras record the fight.

Aaron is in the hospital. His mother and his wife are talking to each other. The mother-in-law tells her wife to convince Haroun to return to his father's house and live with us again.  

I convince Asif to pay his debts.  

His wife also accepts. While he is worried, he accepts.

Aje goes to the door of Oren's house. He sees that he has been beaten. He says I have to come and clean your face. you are injured He goes to Oren's house. He is drunk. He cleans Oren's wounds. Oren drunkenly tells him that you have come to the wrong place and are looking for the wrong person. Aje says you know my dad had an accident. I wanted to ask you for help, but it seems that you are not well. Oren tells Ajah to go.  

Aje comes out of the house and sees Karam who has come to return Oren's case to him. There he asks, did he tell you something? The answer is negative. He says let's go home. They go home.

Tomorrow morning, Aaron will be discharged from the hospital. They go home. His wife sees that Harun's friend is talking to Nazul Khor so that if possible, the installments will be delayed by two months. Female   Aaron, Baileys, understands the story. He thinks to himself that they should go to Haroon's father's house because they have no other way. Collects things. Aaron is still against. On the other hand, at Haroon's father Asif's house, his mother is talking to him to pay the children's debt and let them come to live there. He says this time it is not for your son. The story is also related to your grandchildren and the court. You must pay their debts. Asif says no. He does not trample his pride. Asif says he will not come, but the mother says he will.  

Aaron and Baileys are fighting. Baileys says you should come because of the kids. Aaron is not satisfied.  

Finally, an agreement is reached : Asif will pay the debt of Harun and the children . In the house of Yaeez and Rashid .  


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