The series, which will tell the life of Sultan Alparslan, the ruler of the Great Seljuk State, who defeated the Byzantine army in 1071 and opened the gates of Anatolia to the Turks, is a spin-off from the Great Seljuks: Guardians of Justice.

Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu Serial Part 22

Episode 22 is the twenty-second episode of season one of “Alparslan: Büyük Selçuklu”. The episode premieres Monday, April 18th, 2022 on TRT1 .

Alp Arslan and his warriors are trapped in an underground tunnel along with Cocomenus and Alpagot.

All the warriors wake up to the sound of Arsalan Alp and help lift the large stone that fell on Suleiman’s feet.

Meanwhile, Cocumenus, who is still under the influence of the chemical, sees the rubble in the form of Herve and constantly attacks him, saying, “Herve must die.”

Alp Arsalan starts digging the wall and opens a gate as big as one person can pass and goes from one corridor to another and advances in the tunnel to inform the others if he comes out.

At the end of the corridor, he finds a hatch that opens onto the forest and informs the others to come out one by one. They all pull themselves out of the tunnel and survive.

When Cocomenus is back, Alp Arslan tells him: “With the destruction of this tunnel and the leak of the contract, our contract no longer makes sense. “Return to your castle.”

“You are sending me to my death,” Cocomenus says credentially. ”

Diogenes, Rati and Ivan want to kill me.”

“If you do what you say, you will not die,” says Alp Arslan.

“On the other hand, you can get rid of Rati and Ivan.” He asks Cocomenus to reunite with Diogenes and give him a position he does not even dream of. Alp Arslan suggests that Cocumenus marry Odukia to Diogenes.

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Diogenes and Rati return to the castle happy that they have got rid of Cocumenus and Alp Arslan. “We could not find Cocumenus … I hope we find him safe and sound,” Diogenes tells Odokia.

“Soldiers are still looking for him.” Rati and Diogenes go to the Armenian Quarter to avenge the priest who helped Alp Arslan, arrest the priest Kamar, and release him in the castle prison, which is full of hungry mice and carriers of cholera.

Nowruz is approaching and men and women in the Merv tribe are preparing to celebrate. Saljan Khatoon suggests holding an Akcha courtship ceremony at the same time as Nowruz, and Akcha accepts.

As the women prepare for the celebration at the tribal compound, Sardar, one of the tribal children, approaches and asks, “What are these colored threads?”

Saljan Khatoon says: “We put each color in a basket and make two of these baskets.

A basket for single boys and a basket for single girls … they all close their eyes and pull a thread out of the baskets.

“When two people ‘s threads are the same color, they say that they become friends.” Sardar says to Gohar: “Who will your thread be the same color as Gohar Khatoon?” Gohar remembers Arbaskan, but is silent and says embarrassingly,

“Whatever happens.”
General Dukas wakes up in the house given to him and Farzad by Inal and says to Inal, “Why did you save me?” If you think this’s something you can do wrong. “I have nothing to give you.”

Rati goes to her brother Ivan and tells him, “Now is the time to get Vaspuragan.

“You have to marry that Oduki who you like very much.” Ivan is happy about this.

Rati continues: “He is the only heir to Cocumenus Odocia.

“If you marry her, we can own everything.

” Ivan is worried that Odokia will not be his wife, but Rati says that if that happens, they will have to kill him.

Odokia hears this from behind the pillar and becomes anxious.

“I’m sure Diogenes wants to take over this land,” Rati tells Ivan.

“In any case, killing Koumenos was his own plan.”

Odokia is shocked to hear this and quickly goes to his room and secretly gathers his belongings to escape through the exit behind the castle.

“Now that we are relieved of Cummenos, the way is open for you,” Diogenes told Rati in the Castle Hall.

“Do not worry because I will give you more land than you want.”

“We want more land than you think,” says Rati.

“I want all Vaspuragan and Ani.”

“I thought it was just crazy, but you’re crazy,” Diogenes says sarcastically.

“Did you think the emperor would let you own here?”

“Everything will be fine when Ivan marries Odukia,” says Rati.

Diogenes gets angry and at this moment he hears the screams of Odukia asking the Rati warriors to release him.

He fell when the soldiers escaped. Diogenes and Rati go to the castle grounds. Diogenes wants to help Odokia, but Rati orders him imprisoned, and says to Diogenes, “Do not you want the soldiers to know how Cummenus is shipwrecked?”

“If they know this, will they follow you again?” Diogenes has nothing to say and is greedy, but suddenly the gate opens and Cocumenus and Alpagot enter on horseback. Diogenes and Rati are shocked to see them.

Odokia is happy and Cocumenus immediately saves him from the warriors. Rati threatens Kokomenos from the beginning and says: “What will happen to you Kokomenos if the soldiers cooperate with Alp Arsalan without your knowledge?”

“We’s better to resolve these issues among ourselves,” Cocomenus tells Diogenes and Rati. They enter the castle hall.
Alp Arsalan and his warriors return to the Merv tribe.

In the tent, the head of the Alp Arslan tribe describes everything that happened in the tunnel and says to Chaghari Beg: “Our agreement with Kokomenos is meaningless.

Diogenes finds that tunnel and catches all the holes in his mandrel, and we can not use it. As a result, our priority is to take Vaspuragane.

“We disrupted the order and unity of the Commune and its surroundings. Now is the time to start the attack.”


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