She is a distinguished, respected family court judge. She is an honest and principled woman who has saved many marriages from destruction, made sure that many children receive the affection and love they deserve, and has always been on the side of justice. She thinks that they are an exemplary family with her husband and two children, that they live an honorable life, and that the rest of their marriage will pass in usual love, happiness, and peace. One day, a loop that Güzide accidentally pulls progresses like a stocking and it turns out that her happy family is not a warm home, but a sand castle.

Aldatmak Serial Part 8

"Thailand" series with Persian subtitles, episode 8, eighth (summary of the story):

Yeshim goes to Ghazide's house. He tells her please   Divorce in the dark.  

Excerpts are not accepted. Yeshim gets angry and attacks Ghazideh and breaks her orchid flowers.

Ghazideh calls Tarek and asks him to stop his wife because he attacked her and violated her privacy.  

An angry Tarek comes home and scolds Yeshim. Yeshim denies. His neighbor's friend also declares that Yeshim has not left the house.

Tariq went to Handan, a divorce lawyer. goes.

Handan says that he has canceled the extract of the divorce case.  

Tariq says that because he called and lied to Yeshim behind his back, he will do what he has to do.  

A friendly party is ahead. Handan calls Gazideh and tells him the story that Tarik told him.  

Tarik comes home and tells him why you slandered Yeshim and disgraced him in front of his friends.  

He plays the recorded file of his voice with Oylum for the excerpt, in which Ayn Oylum told his mother about a mental institution.  

Omut, who is at his mother's party, attacks his father Tarik and beats him.  

Gezieh goes to Avilom and asks him did you really say such a thing? He denies it, but tells the story of his father recording his voice.  

I was in a bad situation, says Oylom. The nurse didn't know you or me. Why did he say these words? Mother says, so you believed the words of the nurse. goes.

Tarik goes to Yishim and draws.  

Avilom goes to his father. He asks her how did you do such a thing and why did you give it to my mother to listen to?

Tomorrow morning, Tolga will visit her father. And he tells him to find and punish the person who injured Avilom.  

Lara manages to take a picture of a message sent to Kan and sends it to Oltan Kashifoglu. Oltan finds out how Kahn plans to escape.  

Ozan goes to the German holding and gets car and office facilities.  

Ultan invites Lara to his ship and kidnaps her.  

On the night of the assembly, there is a dance in which Avilom and Tolga dance. In the meantime, Avilom's leg became numb and he fell to the ground.  

Ozan, his mother, Nazan and Omut also went to a restaurant to celebrate Ozan's new job.  

Tarik goes to Yeshim to tell him that they need to find the nurse and ask her to testify in their court.  

Yeshim calls his fake friend who was, for example, a nurse, and asks him to come to the hospital tomorrow. Because Tarik wants to go to the hospital.  

Oltan manages to capture Kahn who is running away.  

Yeshim and Tarik go to the hospital and they find that fake nurse. They want him to testify in court.  

Oltan also threatens to kill Kan to pay his debt of 1.1 million dollars. Kan pays his debt, but Oltan does not release him.  

Yeshim copies the selected house key from Murad's key set. He goes there with his neighbor. when they are not He says this villa should be mine and searches the closets of the house in his absence. He took the watch he had bought for his wife's 30th wedding anniversary and put it in his bag.  

Avilom tells the story of the nurse and his mother's anger to Sezai.  

Sezai says I was with your mother that night, nothing like this happened. Yeshim locked the door on your mother and did not want to allow you to meet together.  

Sezaei and Oylum go to the hospital to investigate the nurse herself.  

They understand that a nurse named Rana is not at all the one that Avilom saw. He understands that there is a bowl under half a bowl.  

Avilom goes to his mother to apologize. Avilom's mother, Gezideh, does not accept him and says go believe your father's words about me being a sanatorium.  

Avilom goes to his father and tells him the whole story and tells him that Yeshim is putting a hat on his head.  

Tarik went to Yeshim and reprimanded him for the second time about his lies. He goes out of the house. Oltan walks out with Tarik and says that maybe Yeshim is right. Why do you believe the other side's words? It is dark. He buys a bouquet of flowers for Yishim and goes to him to apologize. But Yeshim wrote a letter and left the house.  


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