She is a distinguished, respected family court judge. She is an honest and principled woman who has saved many marriages from destruction, made sure that many children receive the affection and love they deserve, and has always been on the side of justice. She thinks that they are an exemplary family with her husband and two children, that they live an honorable life, and that the rest of their marriage will pass in usual love, happiness, and peace. One day, a loop that Güzide accidentally pulls progresses like a stocking and it turns out that her happy family is not a warm home, but a sand castle.

Aldatmak Serial Part 4

Aldatmak Series Episode 4 English Subtitles

Betrayal series that airs on Thursdays at 20:00.

What happened in the fourth episode of the Turkish series Betrayal:

The court did not accept it due to the fact that the recording of the cameras was not done legally and ordered the arrest of Oylem.  

Tolga's father is doing a program. It has a plan that is not yet clear.  

After stabbing Kan, Ozan washes his hands in a villa.  

Avilam's mother talks to the judge. Sazai also arrives at the same time and sees from a distance. Ghazideh asks the judge, why are you detaining a girl who is studying medicine and did not run away from the scene? Why should a judge come to such a verdict? Why? Sozaghi has come with him.  

Sozai admires him and says that you are not a judge here. you are mother Do what mom does.  

Ozan behind the computer starts searching about Kahn.  

Lara looks for Kahn at home. He sees her necklace, jewelry and valuables taken and gone.  

Tolka's father places the laptop on the cruise ship.  

With the follow-up of the mother, Avilam is released and will be free until the trial.

Nazan and Tariq are talking in the yard.  

Yeshim's friend tells him that he wants a non-rental house. His message, which reaches Tariq, angers Avilem. Everyone fights with Tariq. Ghazideh also wants him to get a divorce immediately.

Bitzadeh went and threatened the mother of "Tim", the boy who is the main culprit.  

Tolga and Ozlim reach Istanbul together. Tariq goes to Yeshim and says that he should stay in the farm until he is separated, so that he does not cause any trouble.  

Tolga spends a good night with Ozlim's family. Dayi and Nazan stay there for the night.  

Dai finds out that his wife Sama has gone to Sweden and Denise has taken her daughter with her. He gets into a fight with his father-in-law. He goes to the police and calls Tariq.  

Yeshim goes to the court and draws lines for the judge. The officers there take his hand and arrest him. He calls me and he goes there himself.  

A fierce family argument ensues after these events and Tariq argues with the whole family. Then he goes to Yeshim and they go out for dinner with him.  

Tomorrow morning, when Tariq goes to his workplace, he learns about the story of the conflict between his two Hesmer films.  

He goes to Yeshim and complains that he lied to him and they fight. Tariq runs out of the house.  

Ghazideh goes to Oltan to find out the case behind the story. Oltan promises him cooperation.  

Tariq goes home to see his son and ex-wife. It is entered.   He says sadly that my daughter dismissed me as a lawyer.  

Oltan goes to the place in the dark. A house that is broken. It seems to be a connection between Ultay and the ambassador.  

Lara is at home when someone knocks. Kahn is It is entered. Lara attacks him to bring me the things you stole. Kahn denies. He says that Ozan came. Lara calls Ozan. Weights do not answer.  

Avilam meets Sezai. He tells the story of his life and asks him to be his lawyer.  

a week later  

Avilem goes to Tolga's office and his beautiful office catches his eye. He drinks her expensive coffee and asks about tomorrow's court. Tolga says I should go to Taiwan.  

Ozan finds Tim and they attack him with Tolga.  

In court, we see that the boy did not appear. The discussion turns to Dawood. It is necessary to hear his statements. Yukil asks the court for 5 minutes.  

Kahn is taking a video of Lara. He records a video addressing Ozan. The witness did not come to court and the judge sentenced him to 6 years in prison. Ghazideh shouts and protests. He accuses the court of accepting bribes. He is thrown out of the court.


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