She is a distinguished, respected family court judge. She is an honest and principled woman who has saved many marriages from destruction, made sure that many children receive the affection and love they deserve, and has always been on the side of justice. She thinks that they are an exemplary family with her husband and two children, that they live an honorable life, and that the rest of their marriage will pass in usual love, happiness, and peace. One day, a loop that Güzide accidentally pulls progresses like a stocking and it turns out that her happy family is not a warm home, but a sand castle.

Aldatmak Serial Part 1

Aldatmak Series Episode 1 English Subtitles

The selection of the middle-aged judge has a quiet personal and busy work life. He is busy with a case for the custody of a child and in his life, he has the family behind him.  

In the first scene, we see that they are spending happy days in their family home.  

It is mother's birthday, each of them has seen preparations. The children's uncle, Gezideh's brother, also arrives, but his relationship with others is not good.  

After that, we got to know the working life of Gazideh. That he is a professional family law judge and has a case to decide for the custody of a child.  

Now Gezideh sends her daughter Avilem on a one-year study trip to the Netherlands, her son lives separately and lives in a luxury apartment in Istanbul.

Her husband is constantly commuting between offices in different cities. And he is the client of someone who hid a million dollars in their son's house. The boy's girlfriend found out about the money story and after meeting an old friend who seems to be rich and newly matured, the boy decides to invest the loan money in the attic by buying a coin in digital currency.

The coin is a Shatcoin and the company that sold it is generally a scammer and run away.  

But the girl plans to go to New York for a dance class, she got accepted and she has to lie to her mother for 11 days that her friend's house is not in this city and she went to Holland. Ghazideh decides to go to Holland to get rid of his longing, but with every trick and trick, the girl wins to reject this story. He connects and hangs out with a boy who is the son of his father's friend and meets him at the airport after many years.  

Ghazideh is skeptical about her husband, but she always fights her doubts.  

In the pictures, we see that her brother is also a blackmailer of her husband.  


Ghazideh feels that she heard her husband's voice during a random incident, when she goes to investigate the family of the mother of a girl whose custody she has to decide. Her husband's second wife lives in the opposite house and has a 4-year-old daughter. By going to that woman's house under the pretext of research, he sees that his wife has been that woman's wife for several years without knowing it.  

He intentionally invites her for their 30th wedding anniversary.

On the night of the celebration, he invites his son, who is on the verge of suicide, to a party. In the middle of the celebration, we see the woman and child enter the celebration and the excerpt introduces them to everyone.

At the same time, their daughter passed out in a motorcycle accident and the boy who was with her plans to blame the whole incident on her. The cyclist who collided with them has been killed.  


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