Jadugar Serial Part 4

The film begins on the beach and we see a woman who had been extorted from power, drowning and coming out of the water.
He goes to the house of power, the power closes the door on him.

But he opens the door and enters, the power asks, “Do you still have a seal on your heart?”

He ignores it and enters the house. The power says he was not supposed to bother her anymore, the girl asks for water, but before she can get the water, the girl sleeps on the bed, and the power takes a pillow and a blanket and goes up behind the canvas.

The movie begins. Captain Sohrab leaves the house, and Halima removes her chador and intends to leave. Sarah asks him where he is going in the morning. Halima answers her aunt’s house.

Sarah says she knows she’s going to do the trick, not to do evil, she herself has become carefree. His mother says you think it’s one thing. At the same time, Salman gets some bread and says that when it was canceled, they should give it to Sarah. Halima sweeps him out.

Sarah says now is not the time, people are waiting to see who goes to the napkin, the night goes because the fortune teller does not sleep at night. Halima says is she a fairy? Sarah replies that her job is with fairies, we are not annoying either, she is happy to see us. Now tell me, why do you want to go to Ramal? Halima says that a smell comes from your father, pray that his pants are not folded, because I am pulling his pants on his head.

The captain is in the dungeon and listens to the music when Soraya’s perfume reaches Sohrab before him. After expressing his happiness, Sohrab tells Soraya that when he did not say anything last night, he asked Salman to go with him.

Soraya complains, Sohrab says you are my wife and my love. Soraya says that she is tired of secret appointments, she wants to tell everyone that Sohrab is her husband, Sohrab says that this time she wants to go to Mendel and ask him to recite a verse so that no one will see them when they go hand in hand.

Soraya says she wanted to go to Mendel herself to see what would happen to Sohrab?

How many children are in their horoscope in the future? And Sohrab says ten. Sohrab says that they go to Mendel together at night.

The girl buys power with money and wakes her up to eat breakfast. Power asks where he found the local clothes and the girl says from the closet. “How much does it cost him?”

Power asks what do you want from my soul? How did you find my address?

The girl says it was not a difficult task. All the way, everyone was talking about a prophecy that had left the world. Power says he left the house, now tell me who he is?

The girl answers, say the demon and the fairy have been captured.

Salman goes to the house of power and says that the captain goes to his house at night with a bee (ie his second wife).

Then he thanks her for turning her hand away and wants to spit on her palm to give her Sarah.

Again, the client comes to power and the girl hides and cooperates with her in the role of client.

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At night, Sohrab and Soraya go to the house of power, at the same time Sara and Halimeh go to Sohrab’s house, their car breaks down and they decide to walk the rest of the way.

A little power is occupied with the tools of witchcraft and says that now let them go and make it public, but with the duplicate, if they can not provide it, tell him himself. Soraya asks, “Now they can be on the street together.”

The power answers, not so much, but I closed people’s eyes and ears to some extent.

He says there are ten boys in their horoscope.

The captain leaves the door open and Halima and Sarah enter.

The captain and Soraya go to the room where the girl is hiding.

Power tells Sarah to get the devil out of her life, why they have disturbed her at this time of night.

Sarah says my mother thinks there is a devil in her life. Power says do not doubt, your wife is a hardworking man, she works during the day and night comes, now sometimes night does not come.

Halima says, “Tell me where the source of this feminine scent coming from her husband is, otherwise she will tell everyone that she is breaking her vow and breaking her promise.”

Power says that smells do not disappear and change from one state to another.

Halima says the same smell is right here, the power responds.

Smells are transmitted from house to house. The girl sneezes in the room.

Sohrab tells Soraya that now is not the time to sneeze and Soraya tells him it was not.

Sohrab lights the phone and sees the girl, the girl tells them she is Peri Mendel, she has nothing to do with them and they are silent.

Power tells Halima that the sky of your love is clear and blue, but if she cocoons her husband, the spell will fall on them.

Sohrab and Soraya go on a motorbike and think that no one sees them, Sara also tries to turn on the car and Halimeh is happy that she made a mistake and it is Sohrab’s first and last love.

They see a motorbike approaching and hide, Sohrab and Soraya think they have done magic and have not seen them.

The girl counts the money and picks up half of it.

He wants to make dinner for the power that the power says he will not eat while he is there.

The girl says she has helped him a lot but is willing to contribute less.

Power says it’s not about money, he does not like his appearance and does not want to see him.

The girl says that at first when she saw him, this was not her opinion, and the power says that she did not think she was a razor.

The girl says she owes forty people, even her brother, the arrest warrant is in the hands of many people, she wanted to go abroad and get her right from that fraudulent candidate, but she did not, she is also a coward, she does not want her money and she leaves.

Power went after him and told him not to go, he just did not want to feel that he needed her


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