Nahal Dashti
[Nahal Dashti]

Plain seedling

Nahal Dashti is a film and television actress who started her career in theater in 2009. And it was officially introduced with Shahrazad series (home show series). Nahal Dashti has a degree in cinema from Sourah University. He has attended many acting workshops and started his theater career in 1989 with the show Hamlet the Machine, then Vital Signs-Nurse of Time, etc.

Making 3 short films, 2 short animations and acting in 5 short films (Holidays, Vision of a Dream, Finally I Let You Go, etc.), the telefilm Farhad Ek Roya directed by Farhad Ahi and the television series Chalous Road by Ahmed Moazzami in his artistic career. has it. He played the role of "Mitra" in Shahrazad series.