Hamidreza Naeimi
Hamidreza Naeimi

Hamidreza Naimi

Writer, director, actor, university lecturer was born in 1353 in the city of Sarpol Zahab, Hamidreza Naimi started his art career in Islamabad Gharb city with student theater during the war years. After Iraq's attack on Iran and the capture of the border towns and Zahab Bridge, Hamidreza Naimi and his family had to move from his ancestral city and live in Islamabad West. This artist spent his primary and secondary education in this city. In the years 1367 to 1369, he started working in theater and acting with various drama groups, especially student ones.

Attending and working in the Shahr Show Association along with education and study in the years 1369 to 1371 clarified his future path. The presence of professors such as Mr. Mohammadreza Zandi and Nosrat Elah Sepehr was very influential for him in the years before university. In 1372, after passing the university, he went to Tehran to continue his education. Hamidreza Naimi from the opportunity to live in the capital, and to be in the classroom of great professors such as: Hamid Thargyan , Mahmoud Dolatabadi , Parvaneh Mozhdeh, Farhad Nazerzadeh Kermani, Hoshang Azarivar , and Behzad Farhani. , Jamal Mirsadeghi , Jaber Elmenari, Amir Dejakam , etc., benefited a lot. But his acquaintance with Mahmoud Ostad Mohammad was a great event for him to understand "life, man and love" according to Naimi. Shahram Karmi and he are the main members and founding members of "Shaya Theater Group". So far, more than 30 plays have been performed by this group, the largest number of performances by Hamidreza Naimi.

Also, as a member of the Board of Directors of the Playwrights Association and a member of the Board of Directors of the Central Theater House, he has been actively involved in this theater center for several years. Hamidreza Naimi is the director of the show Socrates, which is considered one of the most successful and popular shows that have been performed in Iran. Many great figures such as: Behzad Farahani , Farhad Aish , Roya Afshar , Maryam Saadat , Kazem Hejir Azad , Naqi Saif Jamali , Hamed Behdad , Hamed Kamili , Behnaz Nazi , Katane Afsharinejad , Bahar Nohian , Laden Mostofi , Yekta Nasser , and Shagaig Farahani . and Amir Hossein Rostami and Khosro Shahraz Yaqoub Sabahi and Ayoub Aghakhani and Saeed Dakh and Siavash Chiraghipour and Manouchehr Alipour and Cambyz Amini and Ramin Nasir Nasir and Behnam Sharfi and Amir Karbalaizadeh and Mehran Ranjbar Reza Jahani Arash Dadgar Majid Nowrozi Farid Qobadi and... They have participated in Hamidreza Naimi's shows.

In addition to writing and directing a large number of plays, Naimi appeared in the shows "Darchenar", "Gome Sar", "Paper House", "Whales' Promise", "Adam City, Animal City", "Ajax", "Tales of Carver", Trachis case", "Macbeth", "Daedalus and Icarus", "Calvin and the uprising of Castellion", Che Guevara", "Good day Mr. Minister", "Breakfast for Icarus", "Counting the night stars", "The Night Rachel Left Home", "King Lear", "Faust", "The Wall", "Elephant", "Bitter Oaks", "Hazrat Vala", "Bitter Oaks", "The Lobby", "Smooth Dreams" "No", "The Orchestra of the Dead", "Candlesticks", "Death of a Salesman", "Café France", "Luggage", "Trio without Harmony", "Nightmare of Hazrat Ashraf", "Richard", "Contaminated Hands", A Man Named Dyke", "Cricket, Parajanov Version", "Eater Chicken" has played roles. He still lives in Tehran.

Art awards

  • The first playwriting prize for Gome Sar's play of the 6th Tehran Provincial Theater Festival 1373
  • The first playwriting prize for Gome Sar's play, the first theater festival of Azad University students, 1374
  • Screenwriting visa award for the screenplay of the predicament of the 11th Village Festival 1376
  • The first playwriting prize for the play The Promise of Whales in the 5th National Students Theater Festival 2018
  • The first prize for playwriting for the play The Promise of Whales, the 3rd Festival of Theater Centers of Drama 1378
  • The first prize of playwriting for the tele-theater play The Promise of the Whales at the 2012 Broadcasting Festival
  • Appreciation Award as a young playwright of the country on the occasion of World Theater Day 2019
  • The first prize of adapted playwriting for the play Macbeth at Fajr International Theater Festival 2004
  • The first prize in playwriting for the play Kase Khoob Khoda in the playwriting competition for children and teenagers 2005
  • The best playwriting award for the play Tonight Mehreh Hai Pashtam Ni Lipbak Zande at the Theater Festival of 2006
  • The first prize for playwriting for the play Far East Far East near the text production section of the Fajr Theater Festival 2011
  • The first prize for playwriting for the play Darakhesh at the scheduled time of the celebration of the National Center of Critics, 2013
  • The first award for directing for the show Socrates, National Critics Association, 2014
  • Obtaining Abdul Hossein Noushin 's award and special award for the show Socrates, Festival of Theater Critics, 2014
  • The first playwriting prize for the play Robinson Crusoe, Fajr International Theater Festival 2014
  • Director's Commendation Award for the play Terror at Fajr International Theater Festival 2015



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