Damla Sönmez
Damla Sönmez

Birthday: 03 May 1987
Age: 36

Damela Sonmez is from Istanbul. He has started his professional activity since 2004. He is 162 cm tall and his wife is Oshan Chakir. He plays the violin and has also learned the piano. After his teenage years, he went to the Sorbonne in France and completed his BA in drama there. He entered the world of entertainment and art from the age of 17 with the glass shoe series. She has a good award in her career: Best Supporting Actress at the Orange Gold Film Festival for Bornova Bornoma. In Iran, however, it became famous with the Battle of Flowers. He played the role of Golro in this series. After that, the Iranian audience recognized him with the support of a love. He appeared in the Godal series in the role of Afson and his fame reached its peak. For some time in 2017 to 2010, she was engaged to Oshan Chakir. In Shahrivar 1401, when the Iranian society was mourning the events that happened to Mehsa Amini, an Iranian girl who died during the arrest of the Irshad patrol, he sympathized with the people of Iran.

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