A minister who took opium with Tasher Reza Shah and died        

"Davar" is the same street that is overlooked by the Palace of Justice (Ministry of Justice) in District 12 and in the central district of Old Tehran.

Hamshahri Online: It is interesting that the referee is the name that the famous "Syed Hassan Taghizadeh" gave to "Ali Akbarkhan". The one who was given the first Pahlavi Ministry of Justice after 10 years of living and studying in Geneva. He was then known by the given name of "Referee". He entered Reza Shah's government in 1305 and was one of the ideologues and parties with Pahlavi I to modernize Iran and enter the new era after the Qajar era. This sentence of his was representative of his underlying thoughts and activities and his policy in the establishment of the Pahlavi Kingdom: "One must find someone who will train Iran with a whip."

He lived for 51 years and on 21 Bahman 1315, when (after several years of successfully holding the Ministry of Justice) he became the Ministry of Finance and failed to earn money for the government. Therefore, Reza Shah punished him heavily and "Ali Akbar Khan" killed himself in a private house in Tajrish by consuming opium. He was known as the father of Iran's bureaucracy, and in the half century that he lived through all the ranks that he passed during this period, no one was as famous as his knowledge of manners, courage and ambition. Traits and characteristics that did not please Reza Shah's temperament and this sounded the death knell for him.

A view of the current Daver Street

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