The most eerie objects that have been discovered recently        

Here we will review four archeological discoveries in 2022 that stood out from the rest due to their dark and even frightening aspects.

Faradid: The wonders of the archeological world are endless, because the wonders of human history seem to have no end. Along with beautiful and magnificent finds, there are always discoveries that show us the mysterious or dark aspects of history.

In 2022, as in previous years, archaeological excavations were able to open new windows to the way of life of humans in the previous centuries and millennia. Some of these new discoveries stood out from the rest because of the mystery and even the scary aspects they had. Here we will review four of these eerie findings.

1. Divination bones

The ancient site of Maresha in Palestine was a thriving city in ancient times. Under this city, there were a series of tunnels and caves that were used as a place of worship and also a hiding place. One of the strangest findings of archaeologists in these underground tunnels, which was announced last year, is a collection of several hundred animal bones, which seem to have been used for divination and games. These bones date back to the third century BC. 24 of these bones were carved in a completely geometrical shape and Greek letters and numbers were also engraved on them. The names of Greek gods are also seen in these writings.

2. Stone pots in India

Last year, archaeologists discovered about 65 large sandstone vessels in the forest areas of the Indian state of Assam. These pots were made in different sizes and shapes. It is not known exactly who made them and for what purpose, but the strongest guess is that these pots, like similar pots found in Laos, were used in burial ceremonies. Probably, the people of the Naga tribe used these pots to store the ashes of the dead along with ritual objects more than 2 thousand years ago.

3. 8 thousand year old skull

Two people who went for fun and boating to the Minnesota River, a hundred miles from Minneapolis, found a piece of skull bone on the river bank and reported the incident to the police without being fully aware of the importance of this discovery. The skull was initially sent to the FBI because it was thought it might belong to someone who had been missing or murdered in recent years. But forensic experts had very different diagnoses! By conducting a radiocarbon test, they announced that this bone is part of the skull of a young man who lived around 6,000 BC. There was a wound on this skull, but this wound had healed and it was clear that it was not the cause of the young man's death.

4. Victimized children

In March 2022, the news of the discovery of eight mummified bodies of young children in Peru was published. The scary aspect of this discovery was that, according to archaeologists, these eight children were all sacrificed to accompany one of the nobles in his afterlife. These mummies, which date from 1,000 to 1,200 years ago and belong to pre-Inca civilizations, were all buried in a tomb belonging to a high-ranking person. Bones of 12 adult humans and some animals were found outside the tomb. The person to whom the tomb belonged was probably a rich merchant who was between 25 and 30 years old at the time of his death. This person's body was also mummified and his hands were tied in front of his face according to the traditions of that time.

The mummies of children were also wrapped in rope cloth bags. According to archaeologists, these children were probably close to this person and were sacrificed to accompany him in the world after death. Human sacrifice as part of burial rituals was a common tradition in pre-Inca civilizations in Peru. In 2018, the bodies of 140 children were discovered in Peru, along with a number of animals that were sacrificed around 550 years ago.

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