The sharp blade of "Criticism of TV and Broadcasting" with Elmira Sharifi-Moghadam        

The program "Jam Jam Criticism" with the performance of Elmira Sharifi-Moghaddam is broadcasted on Ik Sima channel.

Mehr News Agency: The "Jam Jam Criticism" program with the performance of Elmira Sharifi Moghaddam will be aired on Sima channel.

At different times, Sedavsima has gone to programs to criticize its programs and series, which have been stopped every time after one or two episodes of these programs. Among these, we can mention a program with the performance of Dariush Kardan or single episodes with the performance of Mahmoud Gaberlo, of course, none of them could last.

During the last one or two years, Peyman Jabali mentioned a plan to criticize the performance of Sedavasima and now this plan has been finalized.

"Criticism of Jam Jam" is the latest national media program that was launched in the newly established Simorgh Center and is supposed to air the criticism of various television productions in the field of drama and non-demonstration.

This program is produced by Mustafa Hiyudi and edited by Seyed Ahmad Mousavi Samadi, and will be aired in the coming nights.

Hossein Tazami, the former director of the Cinema Organization, and Mohsen Shakrinejad, the head of the Broadcasting Research Center, are the two guests of the first part of the program, who are supposed to discuss the state of the national media audience.

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