Pictures of the extremely luxurious palace of Mr. President        

New investigations and claims by an independent media indicate that Russian President Vladimir Putin and his life partner live with their children in a palace in the heart of the forest, away from the eyes of ordinary people.

ISNA: New investigations and claims of an independent media indicate that Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, and his life partner live with their children in a palace in the heart of the forest, away from the eyes of ordinary people.

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, an independent Russian media outlet in the field of investigative journalism called "Perket" has depicted the secret and luxurious life of Vladimir Putin and his partner Alina Kabaeva in a palace in the middle of the forest located in the Valdai region.

There have been many rumors and claims about the number of children of the 70-year-old president of Russia and his 39-year-old partner, who used to be a gymnastics champion, but since it seems that their children have not reached legal age, this independent media has not published any information about them.

The alleged wealth and property of Putin and his partner have never been leaked to the media, but this time this independent Russian media has fueled such claims and published this report by publishing various images.

According to the report, this luxurious palace in Valdai region is surrounded by a VIP estate and guarded by the Russian Federal Security Service. Also, in 2021, a dock for boating was built near this palace, through a small canal, you can reach the classical park of this palace with an area of 28 hectares.

In addition to these facilities, this report mentioned other things in its claim, including the existence of a large spa hall and solarium, cryotherapy machine, swimming pool, bath, sauna, massage and even beauty and dental departments.

According to this report, in the summers of 2020 and 2021, a small karting track was established around this palace, and right next to this residence, a yellow and blue playground for children was built in the depths of this forest between 2016 and 2020.

Vladimir Putin is said to use his "personal armored train" to travel to the hideout, and as such a secret and guarded station was built near the residence.

At the end of its investigation, this independent media report noted the "constant presence of children" in this residence and called Alina Kabaeva "the uncrowned queen of Russia", while emphasizing that she is probably the mother of these children.

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