Tricks to Long-Lasting Marriages        

Leila Hatami and Ali Mosafa; comfortably comforting Leila Hatami, 45, and Ali Masafa, 51, are in Iranian cinema; A lot of their professional behavior, the gender of their choices and their presence in the cinema, and so on The cultural heritage of both of them has transformed them into Iranian art stars.

The fairy tale of Free Face and Shahrokh Foroutanian; satisfied with everything The Myth of Free Face, with the name of the main “Afsaneh Chehre azad” 55 years old and “Shahrokh Foroutanian” 61 years old Actor, painter and designer dress and scene, have a history of 36 years of living under a roof.

Sahar Valadbeighi and Nima Fallah; young, passionate and different Maybe you do not believe in yourself, but you’re 14 years old when Sahar Valadbeighi, 40, and Nima Fallah, 45, are past. Their familiarity is to play a part in the family restaurant and the opposite role One another, which made the two artists interested in each other and married on July 1, 2003, along with the birthday of Sahar Valadbeighi.

Asghar Farhadi and Parisa Bakhtavar, full-fledged professionals! Asghar Farhadi, 45, is one of the most successful Iranian directors on the international stage Parisa Bakhtavar, 45, is married. Parisa Bakhtevar making several television series The high-profile viewer and film director of the “Zirah Zangi” in his art file.

Sina Hejazi and Mitra Hajjar, without the margin Sina Hejazi, 35, Iranian musician and singer, and Mitra Hajjar, 40, from the most marginalized Couples are artists. The year of marriage of these two artists is not at any source but has A boy is called “Kasra” and they always appear together in public ceremonies.

Roya Taimurian and Massoud Rayegan; Meek, Matin, Charming The marriage of “Roya Taimurian”, 58, and “Massoud Rayegan”, 63, are 14 years old. These two are from experienced Iranian cinema actors, who may be daring to say that one of the happiest The cinema pairs are considered to be Iranian. According to Roy Teymourian: “A husband and wife should learn to be together under any circumstances, and if they give even a smile to each other.”

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Rakhshan Bani Etemad and Jahangir Kosari, thoughtful and active Rakhshan Bani Etemad, director and film maker of 63 years old, and Jahangir Kosari, producer and reporter We all know 67-year-old sports plans. More than 37 years have lived together And “Rain Kosari”, a 32-year-old actor in the cinema and “Kosari statue”, are the result of the life of this successful cinematic couple.

Rima Raminfar and Amir Jafari, a loving couple Rima Raminfar, 47, is an actor most known for the television series “Capital” Amir Jafari, a 43-year-old actor in cinema, television and theater, is another couple who is more than Ten years of their romantic life under one roof. The result of this marriage is a boy called Ayin.

Farhad Ayesh and Maedeh Tahmasebi; Different and special Farhad Ayesh, the main name of Farhad Heshmati Aghdaei, actor, 65 year old director of theater and television Who has been married to Maedeh Tahmasebi for nearly 40 years. He says about his marriage: “I remember when I was studying in America to run I went to Germany with a program and I met with my mother, my wife, about three years with each other. We were connected until one day suddenly I was inspired that Maedeh could be my pair!

Behrooz Afkhami and Marjan Shir Mohammadi; Serendipity and critic! Behrooz Afkhami, 61, director of the film and “Marjan Shir Mohammadi”, 44, is an actor and writer. Another couple who have been living under a roof for many years And have a son called “Ahille” and they always feel happy.

Elika Abdul Razaghi and Amin Zendegani; happy and excited Elika Abdul Razaghi, 38, and “Amin Zendegani”, 45, are another couple who, according to Abdul Razaqi Their difference is from the north to the south, but after nearly five years under a ceiling, Feel happy.

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