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The Oscar nominations 2020 are in as John Cho and Issa Rae announced the nominations for the 92nd Academy Awards this morning. Among the Oscar nominees 2020, JOKER received the most nominations with 11, including nominations in the categories of Best Picture, Actor in a Leading Role, and Directing.

Other Oscars 2020 nominees with multiple nominations include THE IRISHMAN, 1917 and ONCE UPON A TIME…IN HOLLYWOOD with 10 nominations and JOJO RABBIT, LITTLE WOMEN, MARRIAGE STORY and PARASITE with with six.

The Oscars will air LIVE SUNDAY FEBRUARY 9 8e|5p on ABC and will be televised live in more than 225 countries and territories worldwide. You can see the full Oscar nominations 2020 announcement stream below, and read on for the complete Oscar nominations 2020 list.

To make Best Picture Oscar predictions, we weigh many factors with the most important being the preferential ballot. It is used only for this category at the Oscars and asks voters to rank all 10 Best Picture nominees; the winner is the consensus choice.

We also take into account the pedigree of the filmmakers, the critical reception to their previous films, the box office tallies and the track record of the studios. Taking all of these into consideration, let’s look ahead to the 2021 Academy Awards nominations.

Only those films with confirmed release dates are listed above. Check back often as new contenders are scheduled while other are dropped due to delays or critical reaction.

It is a strange time for the movie industry. Thanks to the coronavirus, theatrical releases essentially ground to a halt in early March, and many of the year’s most anticipated films have abandoned their planned premiere dates for greener pastures in 2021. No one knows when audiences will feel comfortable returning to the multiplex, or if they ever will.

Welcome to the weirdest Oscar year ever, a season when voters have only slightly more than two months of films to consider. And not just any two months, but January and February, traditionally the dumping ground for the dregs of the studio system. In the season that just ended, 38 feature films received an Oscar nomination.

In one highly specific sense, the Academy is lucky the coronavirus struck this year, as this winter’s offerings were actually slightly better than most. (Had it hit five years earlier, we would have been in for the Mortdecai Oscars.) By my count, just over 50 films were released before the shutdown, which means that, just by existing, any one of them has a slightly less than 20 percent chance of winding up a Best Picture nominee.

Almost by default, the two strongest contenders would seem to be Birds of Prey and The Invisible Man, both of which rose from the wreckage of a failed cinematic universe to hit the sweet spot of financial success, positive-ish reviews, and vague social relevance.

For voters who prefer more traditional awards fare, the millennial-pink Jane Austen adaptation Emma. and the sports-movie-slash-addiction-drama-slash-Ben-Affleck-comeback-vehicle The Way Back could do the trick, though since each barely got any time in theaters, they’re a bit of a wild card.

Closer to the bottom of the barrel, Harrison Ford might have a chance to land an Oscar nomination for acting opposite a CGI dog in The Call of the Wild, while a weak supporting-actor field could mean that, after being snubbed for The Truman Show, Man on the Moon, and Eternal Sunshine, Jim Carrey finally breaks into the Oscar club with Sonic the Hedgehog.

Speaking of Netflix, the streamer has largely been spared the financial apocalypse that’s hit the rest of Hollywood, and it likely won’t let a little thing like the coronavirus stand between it and its dreams of Oscar gold.

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