Terrible criminals in a prison from which it is impossible to get out!        

El Salvador has the highest incarceration rate in the world, with 2% of its population currently in prison.

Ferraro: A large prison in El Salvador has accepted 2,000 criminals of a gang, who after entering found that there are not enough beds for everyone and there are no mattresses at all.

The facility is designed to house 40,000 prisoners, and El Salvador's security minister has warned the prisoners that they will never leave.

El Salvador's Vice President Boquele wrote in a tweet: "At dawn, during an operation, we transferred 2,000 members of a criminal gang to the Center for the Confinement of Terrorism (CECOT) - which he claims is the largest prison in the Americas."

This will be their new home, where they will live for decades, all mixed up, and unable to harm people any further, added Bokele.

They were handcuffed and put on a bus to be taken to the new prison in a convoy that included several helicopters.

El Salvador's president released a video showing barefoot, tattooed men wearing only white shorts. They were bowed with shaved heads and their hands tied behind their backs.

They were packed in a row and armed military forces can be seen around.

"We are removing this cancer from society," Justice and Security Minister Gustavo Villatoro said on Twitter. Know that you will never leave CECOT.

The prison in Tecoluca, 74 km southeast of the capital of San Salvador, which was built on the order of Buccle, consists of eight buildings made of concrete. Each has 32 cells with an area of 100 square meters (1,075 square feet), designed to hold more than 100 prisoners. Each cell has only two sinks and two toilets.

There are only 80 metal plates for every 100 inmates, and human rights groups and observers have criticized the construction as a violation of prison standards.

During the unveiling of the project, the head of the prison told reporters: There will be no mattresses in the cells.

While the prison is equipped with dining halls, exercise rooms and table tennis tables, these are exclusively for the use of guards.

Prisoners are only released from their cells for legal hearings via video conference or are punished in solitary confinement with no windows and no lighting.

About 63,000 suspected gang members have been arrested since El Salvador's president declared a state of emergency.

El Salvador has the highest incarceration rate in the world, with 2% of its population currently in prison.

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