The American black falcon left the war in Ukraine!        

The intelligence service of Ukraine, by publishing photos, claimed that the country's army is equipped with American U-60 helicopters, known as "Black Hawks".

Online news: The Ukrainian intelligence service claimed by publishing photos that the country's army is equipped with American U-60 helicopters known as "Black Hawk".

In the image published by the Ukrainian military intelligence service of the Black Hawk helicopter, we see this famous bird next to a Russian 24-mile Hynd.

This helicopter is at the disposal of the Defense Intelligence Unit of the Ukrainian Army, which is used in high-risk operations. In the meantime, a video of the flight of the Ukrainian black falcon has been circulated on the Internet, and its authenticity cannot be said with certainty.

Sikorsky Yacht - 60 Black Hawk (Black Hawk)

The overall design of the helicopter seen in this image is very similar to the UH60A version. This two-engine, four-bladed helicopter is designed and manufactured by Sikorsky.

Blackhawk protective seats protect the pilot and co-pilot from attacks and hazards, and its external protective shield can withstand well against 23mm bullets.

Two General Electric T-700-GE-100 turboshaft engines bring the Black Hawk to a speed of 294 km/h.

This multipurpose helicopter is armed with M240 machine gun, M134 minigun and GAU-19/A heavy machine gun. Hydra rocket, Hellfire and Stinger missiles are among the ammunition that can be used in this famous helicopter.

The Black Hawk has a history of supporting special operations forces and is best known for its participation in US Army special forces operations.

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