Shahrzad Serial’s Producer Sentenced For 20 Years Prison        

Zabihullah Khodaeian in his press conference today regarding the latest situation of the case of Sarmayeh Bank and Mohammad Emami said:

“Several cases were filed against Sarmayeh Bank , and some of them led to the issuance of a final verdict and were announced.

Recently, the case led to a final verdict and those who were wanted were sentenced to a total of 170 years.

In this regard, mohammad-emami">Mohammad Emami was sentenced to 20 years in prison and deprivation of property, dismissal from government services, Seyyed Ahmad Hashemi Shahroudi to 10 years in prison and deprivation of property, Shahabuddin Qandali to 12 years for assisting in disrupting the economic system.

They were sentenced to one year and six months in prison.

One of the accomplices was sentenced to 20 years in prison and confiscation of property for participating in disrupting the economic system, but since the sentence is in absentia, I will not name him.

Six defendants were also sentenced to two terms of imprisonment. “Fifteen people were also sentenced to imprisonment and rejection of funds.”

Earlier, during the trial, Mohammad Emami, the producer of the shahrzad">Shahrzad series, had said in the fourth session of his trial: “I do not owe a single rial to the Treasury, and I am not a creditor!”

Who is Mohammad Emami and what is his charge?

Mohammad Emami is one of the young and famous filmmakers whose name has been linked to macroeconomic corruption in the Farhangian Reserve Fund and Sarmayeh Bank in recent years. He has been arrested several times on the same charge in recent years.

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“Taboo” by Khosrow Masoumi, “Forever and a Day” by Saeed Roustaei, “Khoob Bad Jelf” by Peyman Ghasemkhani and “Couch” by Kianoosh Ayari have been made with his capital.

Mohammad Emami was also one of the producers in the production of the popular series “Shahrzad” directed by Hassan Fathi. Hadi Razavi, who is one of the convicts in the corruption case in Sarmayeh Bank and Farhangian Reserve Fund, was another producer of Shahrzad series. Razavi was sentenced to 20 years in prison for this case. Mohammad Emami and Hadi Razavi are introduced as symbols of corruption in cinema.

In the second session of Mohammad Emami’s court, his detailed indictment was read by Rasoul Ghahremani, the prosecutor’s representative. He and Amir Farzan Rad are central in this case.

The indictment stated: “The first-degree defendant, Mohammad Emami, the producer of the film and series, is accused of succeeding in influencing the then managers of Sarmayeh Bank, the Cultural Reserve Fund and companies affiliated with these institutions, and through paying bribes. “Pay attention to the coverage of receiving facilities and guarantees or employment contracts from these institutions for the network attributed to it.”

Mohammad Emami’s criminal acts are identified in 7 areas:

Acquisition of property through illegitimate means through illegal receipt of a total of 90 billion Tomans of civil partnership facilities from Sarmayeh Bank in the name of various companies.

Illegal acquisition of property through the illegal receipt of 26 items of unsecured bank guarantees in the amount of 50 billion and 600 million Tomans from Sarmayeh Bank for five items of different companies

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Illegal property acquisition in the amount of 135 billion tomans from Sarmayeh Bank.

Acquisition of illegitimate property through illegal receipts, a total of 112 billion and 40 million tomans from Farhangian investment companies belonging to Farhangian Reserve Fund under the cover of labor rights contracts.

Acquisition of property through illegal means through the illegal receipt of funds in the amount of 41 billion and 495 million Tomans under the cover of concluding labor rights contracts. 

Acquisition of illegitimate property from Sarmayeh Bank in the amount of 126 billion and 930 million Tomans in the process of receiving Lavasan and Chenaran properties from Sarmayeh Bank and transferring the property of Shahid Fayazi Street through an expensive pipeline.

The criminal act of the defendants in settling the claims of Sarmayeh Bank by resorting to expert reports was false and forging official documents.

Qahramani also accused the prosecutor’s representative, Mohammad Emami, of being involved in the removal and installation of Sarmayeh Bank and the Farhangian Reserve Fund from 1992 to 1995.

Qahramani in the indictment for the embezzlement and bribes of Mohammad Emami has said that he bought the car and the furniture and prepared the tickets for the foreign trips of the Ghandali family (manager of the Cultural Reserve Fund) in person. Defendant Mohammad Emami paid 200 million Tomans to Fatemeh Shamani’s brother for the right to publish two films made by Shamani.

“In line with the services of Majid Zahedi, the then deputy director of credit at Sarmayeh Bank, Mohammad Emami bought two Beamo cars and an apartment in Chizar for him,” the prosecutor’s representative said.

He added: “Mohammad Emami has spent part of the funds received from Sarmayeh Bank to buy a car and various properties for his friends and acquaintances, including buying an Audi car for his father and buying a Sportage car for his first wife Mahsa. “He mentioned the 2014 Hyundai car to his sister Sara Emami.”

Mohammad Emami has also been accused of “money laundering” by “artists” by the prosecutor’s representative.

The corruption case in Sarmayeh Bank and Farhangian Reserve Fund started in 1995. At the same time, Shahabuddin Ghandali, the fund’s managing director, was arrested. In this case, famous figures have been brought to court and have received heavy sentences, including: Parviz Kazemi, Minister of Welfare of Ahmadinejad’s government, and Hadi Razavi, son-in-law of the current Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Mohammad Shariatmadari.

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