Decoding the name of a proud neighborhood in Tehran        

Persian Gulf neighborhood has been known as "Suleiman Khan Castle" in historical and old documents. In fact, this famous castle in the south of Tehran was the name of a small village in Ken district, where only 60 people lived in 1328.

Hamshahri Online: The main dialect of the people of Suleiman Khan Castle in Region 18 was Farsi and they did agriculture, animal husbandry and horticulture to support their living expenses. According to the elders of the neighborhood, wheat, barley, grapes, pomegranates, cherries and walnuts were among the products of this village.

According to the documents in the book "Persian Gulf Neighborhood", in 1335 the population of this castle increased to 448 people. Time passed and life continued in this castle until the construction and widening of Azadegan highway, the castle was completely destroyed and the village lands were sold to the government to build public and industrial warehouses.

In a part of the mentioned book, it is mentioned that after the sale of lands and the construction boom, the foundation stones of several factories were laid in this neighborhood and many workers came to this neighborhood. Since these factories needed water to produce their products such as concrete and asphalt, many ponds were built next to the Ken River and the river water was diverted to the ponds to use it. This form of water collection evoked the geographical word island in this place, and for this reason, this area was called an island for many years.

From the fifties onwards, the booming activity of Sina Construction Company and the recruitment of more workers on the one hand and the separation and subdivision of the lands in the eastern part of the place on the other hand caused an increase in the population and the arrival of new residents in this neighborhood. Of course, the migration process in this neighborhood was slow until 1364, the first new wave of basic construction began in this neighborhood, which led to the formation of the Persian Gulf neighborhood, and only the memory of Suleiman Khan Castle remained.

But why did they name this neighborhood Persian Gulf? There are many quotes regarding the name of the neighborhood. Some consider the name of the Persian Gulf to be derived from the name of "Central Gulf" and "Gulf Asphalt Factory", which is one of the important factories in this area, and others attribute the name of this neighborhood to the name of the Persian Gulf to the appearance of the water ponds that the sand extraction factories They had dug sand to contain the water and meet their industrial needs by the Ken River bed. These ponds for the people associated with the word bay meant the advance of water on land.

  • Some interior views of the Persian Gulf neighborhood

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