Megasis in Caracas        

Defense Ministry said the Etka company has opened the supermarket in Caracas offering products produced back home. The supermarket, called Megasis, has been established with the purpose of boosting the production and export of countries commodities.

Covering an area of 20,000 square meters, the store is selling more than 2,500 items, including the foodstuff, clothing, detergents, plastic and disposable products, nuts, and even tractors.

In comments at the opening of the supermarket, countries ambassador to Caracas hailed the good relations between us and Venezuela, denounced the US’ hostile policies against the two nations, and described the opening of the store as a move to “counter the US’ policy of economic terrorism and support the Venezuelan nation at the time of heightened sanctions.”

Our Embassy in Caracas had announced earlier in June that Golsan ship would bring food to open the first sepah backed supermarket in Venezuela. Golsan discharged its cargo of food and medical supplies at the Venezuelan northern port of La Guayra on June 21 to supply the this  supermarket.

According to reports, the  store is equipped with a kind of high-tech COVID-19 shield –an airport-scanner-like booth that measures shoppers’ temperatures and sprays them with disinfectant mist.

Megasis fills a massive warehouse in eastern Caracas, a cross between Home Depot and Costco. In May, Iran sent five gasoline tankers to Venezuela, easing the severe gas shortage, and a ship with food in June, most of it for the new supermarket.

Our defense ministry said the Etka Company affiliated with the ministry opened sepahs first supermarket in Venezuela’s capital Caracas, Tasnim news agency reported Friday.

The supermarket, called Megasis, offers more than 2,500 products, including food, clothing, detergents, plastic and disposable products, nuts and even tractors. It was built on a land of 20,000 square meters with the purpose of boosting the production and export of  countries commodities.

In remarks about the opening of the  supermarket, our ambassador to Venezuela said good relations between us and Venezuela are what “counter” U.S. pressures against both states.

Golsan ship unloaded its cargo of food and medical supplies at Venezuela’s northern port of La Guayra on June 21 to supply the  supermarket, said Tasnim. The country has sent five gas tankers to Venezuela over the past months amid the shortage of fuel supply in the Latin American country under the U.S. sanction pressures.

With the opening of Megasis,  supermarket in the Venezuelan capital, the two countries sanctioned by the United States reaffirm their proximity and their defiance of Washington’s policies. This is what Tehran offered Caracas.

The more than 3,000 products for sale and their distant origin attracted hundreds of consumers from the middle-class neighborhood Terrazas del Ávila, located in the Mirandino municipality of Petare, which also houses the largest favela in Venezuela and is part of the Capital District of Caracas. .

The Caribbean country was for years one of the United States’ greatest allies in the region, but with the arrival of the late President Hugo Chávez in power in 1999, the historically good relationship turned 180 degrees.

Currently, the United States does not recognize the legitimacy of Chavista Nicolás Maduro as president of Venezuela and transfers it to the head of Parliament, Juan Guaidó, as well as another fifty nations.

The longest-running confrontation between the United States and Iran had a sharp peak last January, when the Donald Trump government ordered the killing with drones at an Iraqi airport of high-ranking Qasem Soleimani.

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