Discovering an 800-year-old mummy in a backpack!        

Police officers in Peru, while conducting their routine patrol, spotted three men drinking alcohol, one of whom was carrying a bag containing an ancient mummy.

Ferraro: Local media in Peru reported: After police saw a group of men drinking alcohol on a street in the city of Puno, they managed to seize a mummy.

Peruvian officials said the mummy is between 600 and 800 years old and was found in a man's backpack.

Peru's Ministry of Culture stated in a statement that according to preliminary research, this person is over 45 years old and approximately 1.51 meters tall.

According to local media, the discovery took place last Saturday at a point in Puno where police officers carried out their routine patrol and found three men consuming alcohol, one of whom was carrying a mummy delivery box.

Inside were soft-tissue human remains with mummy-like features, which were reported to the Ministry of Culture.

The deliveryman, in turn, claimed to have kept the mummy at his parents' house and brought it out to show his friends, according to El Comercio newspaper.

Machu Picchu's ancient site contains hundreds of historical sites from cultures that developed before and after the Inca Empire, which dominated the southern part of South America 500 years ago.

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