The disaster that Kim Kardashian brought to Marilyn Monroe's dress        

Taking pictures on the red carpet at the cost of damaging the "most expensive dress in the world"

The Hollywood Reporter reported that the release of pictures of the damage to Marilyn Monroe's dress after it was worn by Kim Kardashian at the Metropolitan Museum of Art gala has outraged fans of the poor Hollywood star. This 41-year-old billionaire wore Marilyn Monroe's sleeveless shirt in 1962 at John F. Kennedy's 45th birthday party and sang Happy Birthday to the former president on the red carpet. He went to the Metropolitan Museum. Kim Kardashian was involved in changing her hair color for 14 hours in order to achieve the special light hair color of the late actress. She, who had lost more than 7 kilos to be able to wear this dress, still had a hard time moving in this dress and as soon as she entered the ceremony, she changed the original dress with an alternate dress so that she could be more comfortable. However, it seems that simply wearing the original outfit for a photo on the red carpet has taken a toll on the "world's most expensive dress". Before and after photos of the dress, worn by Kim, have been released, showing signs of the fabric stretching and missing crystals, particularly around the back zipper. The shirt, "the most expensive dress ever sold at auction," was originally put on paper by a young Bob Mackie and designed by French Hollywood designer Jean-Louis. Reportedly made for Marilyn Monroe, the body-hugging dress was embellished with over 6,000 hand-embroidered crystals. Many angry fans have criticized this move on social networks and believe that this historic and very elegant dress should not have been given to Kim Kardashian at all.
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