The İyilik series, New Yasak Elma series? | Summary & Recap in English Subtitles        

“ِّّiyilik">Iyilik” (Goodness) is the story of a young couple named Murad and the generations who live a happy and romantic life with their children.

but this is just the appearance of the story because on the birthday of the generations and while Murad and the children have arranged a party for him.

Murad realizes He becomes their new tenant and goes to him.

In the continuation of the story, we find out that the tenant is a woman named Damla, with whom Murad has a secret relationship and betrays her husband.

Murad is shocked and disbelieved to see Damla as the new tenant.

The story goes back to a week ago and depicts Murad and Damla having fun and betraying,

while Damla is saying something to Murad: “I would like to have a relationship with you one day in your house.”

Murad, who is a fashion designer, is going to introduce the shoe he designed for Damla at the big party that day and invite her to the stage. Damla is excited to hear this news and hugs Murad, but the program of the celebration has changed and generations He attends the celebration, so Murad is forced to try on shoes at the feet of generations, and his love life unfolds at the celebration.

Seeing this scene and breaking her expectations with tears in her eyes, Damla leaves the party and returns home.

After a few hours, Murad goes to Damla’s house and tries to appease her, but a fierce fight breaks out between them and Murad leaves Damla’s house in a rage.


The next morning, in Damla’s repeated calls to Murad, Murad grabbed her by the head, and Damla, who could not bear the situation, plotted a dangerous plan and went to Murad’s wife, Damla, chasing Damla to the swimming pool for generations. Generation drinks pour confusing substances and upset generations, then take him to the hospital and meet there, but after realizing that Murad is on his way to the hospital, he leaves and the next morning Shows himself walking and encounters generations.

Generations invite Damla to lunch at the restaurant and call Murad to inform him that Murad.

who has been suspicious of Generation’s friend since yesterday and putting the clues together, goes to the restaurant.

Murad is shocked to see Damla next to the generations and immediately goes to them and pretends in front of Damla as if he has approached his wife for extortion and humiliates her by saying whatever comes out of her mouth.

Generations calm Murad anyway, defending Damla, saying that he himself had invited him and intended to reciprocate his love.

Murad stares at his wife and thinks that the generations are ignorant of everything, otherwise he would not have defended Damla in this way.

Murad then went to Damla’s house, got into a heated argument with her, and told her, “This relationship is over and we will not see each other again.”

Damla falls on Murad’s hands and feet, begs him to forgive her and promises not to slap her for generations, but Murad repeats his words and ends our relationship by leaving Damla’s house.

Damla, who is on the verge of madness and does not believe that Murad has left her, decides to make a new plan to get Murad again.

Damla reads the biography of the generation on the Internet and finds out that the younger sister of the generation has committed suicide because of her love for a married man and her family’s refusal to accept it.

Realizing the weakness of the generations and telling her about her relationship with a married man.

Damla texted her and said: “My love has left me, I have no reason to continue living.

Thank you for all your goodness, good generations. . ”

Generations immediately arrive at Damla’s house.

When Damla sees the generations behind the door.

she takes a handful of pills and shows herself dying. Generations enter the house and take her to the hospital.

At the hospital, Damla gets better after washing her stomach.

then the generations go to see her and ask her why she is working. He had no reason to continue living.

Nesliyan remembers his past memories.

We find out that Nesliyan’s sister, whose name was Eje, was in love with a married man, but Nesliyan treated him harshly, and after Ajah told him that he would die without that man, Nesliyan said in return, so die and we Get rid of this scandal.

he commits suicide on the same day, and for this reason, generations have always suffered from a guilty conscience and blamed themselves for the death of his sister.

Seeing Damla, Nasliyan sees her sister’s past life in her and decides to help her avoid the disaster that befell her.

After the generations have passed, Damla asks the nurse to contact Murad and inform him about the matter. Murad is shocked to hear the news of his suicide and takes himself to the hospital.

Damla, who has responded to his plan and has been able to draw Murad back to himself, begins to apologize for his actions and asks Murad to forgive him.

Murad, who is in a bad situation, tells Damla that he forgives you, but you should not meet my wife anymore and see each other. Damla immediately accepts and thus restores her relationship with Murad.

After Damla was released from the hospital, Nasliyan went to Damla and, while his wife was unaware of the matter, described her sister’s life to Damla and described what had happened.

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