Iran reacted to the presence of Reza Pahlavi in Munich        

Kanaani, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated: "The Munich security conference was organized in the name of security, but for the sake of war and warmongers."

Fars News Agency: Nasser Kanani, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stated that the Munich Security Conference was organized in the name of security but for the sake of war and warmongers. To organize a conference called international security and not invite Iran and Russia, this means that they took the opportunity to propose different and multilateral views on international order and security.

Another mistake was that they gave the platform to known and anonymous people who are clearly viewed by the people of Iran. Inviting the son of a deposed and fugitive dictator to the conference is an insult to the Iranian nation. This is a great discredit and scandal for a conference that claims to be influential in international order and security. Inviting them is a gross interference in the internal affairs of a big country.

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