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Elvis Presley, the legend of rock and roll music, with his attractive face and style, was also one of the fashion icons of his time.

What to wear- Zahra Mohammadpour: Elvis Presley, the legend of rock and roll music with his attractive face and style, was also one of the fashion icons of his time. In 2022, with the release of the Elvis Presley biopic starring Austin Butler and directed by Baz Luhrmann, many people's attention was again drawn to the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley. Although the film has mostly tried to present an accurate picture of this music legend, the costume design was a very important part of the film and made people more curious to know about Elvis Presley's styles and thus his network of influence on fashion was expanded. Everyone is more and more eager to get to know his style. Here we are going to review the important points of Elvis' style and bring you the most iconic clothes Elvis Presley wore in his performances and in his personal life and with which he captivated his fans the most. We recommend you to join us.

Leather clothes are the main part of Elvis Presley's wardrobe

Elvis is synonymous with many things and hearing the name Elvis reminds us of many things, but surely one of them is the leather jacket. The handsome and handsome superstar Elvis Presley showed us how much he loves leather clothes, shoes, boots, leather bracelets and belts, and even all-leather styling materials with what he wore. Elvis Presley's most attractive styles mainly revolved around leather. What style could be more attractive for the king of rock and roll than a leather suit with leather boots? what is your opinion? In this photo, Elvis Presley wore one of his most popular styles to perform a special NBC program in 1968, which is etched in his mind as an iconic and eternal style.

Elvis Presley and the love of pink clothes

Known as one of the most attractive men of all time and a fashion icon of the 50s, Elvis Presley reached the peak of popularity at a time when men never wore pink and considered it a feminine color. Even now that we are in 2023, if we look at men's wardrobes, we see mostly shirts in the color spectrum of gray, blue and of course white, it is true that these are safe and beautiful colors for men, but sometimes it is better, men Add happiness to their wardrobe. By checking Elvis Presley's style and looking at his photos, it is not difficult to find out that he is very fond of pink. It didn't matter to Elvis that others would judge him by seeing his pink clothes and that he had a different style from other people. He paved the way for other men who were interested in this color and became a role model for many men. Check out this look of Elvis wearing a pink plaid coat, one of his many pink outfits and one of Elvis' most popular styles.

Elvis Presley's flashy outfits

The charming Elvis Presley was sometimes seen in glamorous and bright styles. For example, he wore this gold suit only once for a photo shoot for the cover of the magazine, and it is said that this $10,000 gold coat was ordered by Parker from Rodeo's tailor, Noddy Cohen, for Presley, and Elvis himself was not very interested in it. He said somewhere that he hates it (of course we agree with him) but anyway it remains in the minds as a symbol of his fashion.

Presley's classic style

Elvis Presley era fashion is full of classic clothes and accessories that are still popular and you can wear them. Beautiful blazers, short-sleeved collared shirts with printed designs, men's leather shoes, etc. are among the classic men's elements that are still popular with a small change. Elvis Presley's classic styles with a formal suit are very attractive and show off his majesty; isn't it? Take a look at his style in which he pairs a classic checkered coat well with pants, a tie and a pocket square of a black jacket and completes this classic style with a white shirt that has a simple and stylish button-up.

Hawaiian shirts

One of the inseparable elements of Elvis Presley's style was his Hawaiian shirts. This style of shirts are popular for many men and are a good option for the heat of the summer season. He was perhaps one of the first men who dared to wear Hawaiian shirts in the 50s, which was very popular.

Las Vegas jumpsuits

One style of clothing that Elvis wore for some of his performances was the flamboyant, fancy, and somewhat outlandish ensembles, which were custom designed for him. Elvis once said that "I wear clothes that are as flashy as possible to appear on stage, but I prefer more conservative clothes to be in public."

Shirts with a Cuban collar

One of the models of shirts that were probably found in large numbers in Presley's wardrobe was Cuban collar shirts. In the previous decades, Cuban collar shirts belonged to the working class, but Elvis Presley, with the interest and continuity he showed in wearing this style of shirt, turned it into one of the most popular men's shirts, which continues to this day. For example, in this style from 1956, Elvis paired a red turtleneck with an open notch lapel, black pants, loafers, and argyle socks.

Long pompadour hairstyle

Sometimes it seemed that Presley wanted to leave a rebellious and rebellious style by choosing some things that were not common in the styles of that time. One of these cases was the long pompadour hairstyle, which before him was not fashionable among men at that time. On the other hand, Elvis often dyed his hair to darken his natural sandy blonde color. This hair coloring was another rebellion of his because men in the 50s often did not dye their hair. Elvis Presley took great care of his hair and it is said that he regularly massaged it with jojoba oil and vitamin E.

final word

Together we reviewed Elvis' style and maybe you will think to yourself after seeing some of Elvis Presley's wardrobe items that we have presented here, he did not have a very special and unique style, for example, many men wear clothes with Cuban collars or shirts and jackets. They have pink or printed shirts, but you should pay attention that in the 50s, Elvis wore many of the clothes that are now easily found in men's wardrobes for the first time, and with this, he became a permanent figure in the world of fashion and fashion. Many people call him the king of fashion. It is also worth mentioning that what distinguished Elvis Presley, in addition to his clothes, was his attractive face and looks. Above all, Elvis Presley is a legend in the world of music. what is your opinion? How do you rate Elvis Presley's style?

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