This crocodile is the size of a rhinoceros        

One of the largest crocodiles in the world is a species of saltwater that can reach nearly 7 meters in length and weigh nearly 997 kilograms.

Khabar Online: One of the largest crocodiles in the world is a saltwater species that can reach nearly 7 meters in length and weigh nearly 997 kilograms.

The warm waters of the tropics and wetland ecosystems of the Southern Hemisphere are home to species of crocodiles that are unable to regulate their body temperature in water and rely heavily on the sun to rewarm their bodies after submersion.

Australia is one of the countries that has a suitable environment for crocodiles to live in. While the country is famous for animals such as koalas and kangaroos, it also seems to be home to a distinctive crocodile, a species known as the Dominator. . Dominator is a 6 meter long crocodile that weighs over a ton and is reputed to be the second largest crocodile ever seen.

Australia's saltwater crocodile population is expanding, and the Adelaide River is one of the areas in the country where the crocodile population is increasing. Footage of this massive crocodile ripping a pig in half before eating it made headlines around the world last year.

This crocodile is only 7 cm shorter than Lolong, who is in captivity in the Philippines. Caught in 2011, Lulong is the largest crocodile on record, measuring 6 meters and 7 centimeters from nose to tail.

Dominator lives in the waters of the Adelaide River and likes to show off for tourist boats; However, Dominator is not the only giant crocodile in this river. His rival is called Brutus and is slightly smaller than Dominator.

Crocodiles are social creatures that live in large and small groups; However, at the beginning of the mating season, the males become very territorially sensitive and defend their particular area of the river by raising their huge heads in the air and howling at intruders.

Proof of the Dominator's dominance can be seen in the way the Dominator and Brutus interact with each other. Dominator often sneaks up behind Brutus and begins thrashing his tail, tormenting Brutus for his life in the water.

There are countless videos online showing just how big the Dominator is. Tourist boats use fresh meat on a long stick to lure the crocodile to come near the boat.

How long do crocodiles live?

Under the right conditions, some crocodiles can live up to 70 years in the wild, and saltwater crocodiles have longer lifespans than other species.

It is said that depending on the species of crocodile, the lifespan can vary from 25 to 70 years. As mentioned, under ideal conditions, these organisms can live very long. In fact, crocodiles can live up to 100 years in captivity. Furthermore, crocodiles do not actually die of biological aging. Instead, they continue to grow until some external factor causes them to die.

The oldest crocodile ever recorded was Mr. Farshi, a saltwater crocodile who lived to be 140 years old!

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