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Korean fever has spread; Don't worry, foot is not a new disease from East Asia. We are talking about the excitement of fans of Korean actors and singers.

What should I wear - Nilofar Shahdoost: Korean fever has spread; Don't worry, foot is not a new disease from East Asia. We are talking about the excitement of fans of Korean actors and singers. These days, the music groups of this country, their serials and stars of cinema and television have found global popularity. If you look at any corner of the world of celebrities, you will see the presence of Koreans. It is not clear what exactly is the cause of this fever and reception, but whatever it is, it has caused a lot of content to be produced around the popular stars of this country. Among the news and articles, the announcement of Korean male actors as people with the most beautiful faces in terms of science also attracts attention. In this article, you will read about actors who have attractive and standard faces from the point of view of beauty doctors. Stay with us.


Sehun is the singer of the famous EXO group with thousands of fans in different parts of the world. In addition to his skills in the world of entertainment and singing, he is also known for his symmetrical and beautiful face. One of the attractive elements of his face is his V-shaped chin. This singer's well-proportioned nose and skin and hair color are also rated very well by beauty doctors. However, we think that beauty is not something that fits into certain rules and frameworks. Beauty is a relative category, and maybe mathematical formulas can talk about symmetry and geometric shapes, but they don't seem to be able to comment on beauty. What do you think?


Jin from the BTS group is also among the handsome ones. Mathematicians have placed this artist's face in the category of faces whose proportions are very accurate and correct. Symmetry is one of the most important elements that has made these popular Koreans with world-famous fame to be included in the list of the most beautiful. In general, the skin and hair of the people of East Asia are praiseworthy due to the foods they eat and their healthy diet. All these have affected the attractiveness of their faces.

Yuk Songjae

Cosmetic surgeons have included this actress and singer in the list of beauties. Why? In addition to the usual category of symmetry and the correct proportions of the facial parts, apparently the shape of Yuk Songjae's eyes with those drooping eyelids, which is an accurate representation of people with almond eyes, has attracted the opinion of doctors and beauty experts. Doctors say that they cannot create such a model of eyelid with any surgery and operation, and this is what makes Songjae's face unique. Once upon a time, almond-eyed people were not in accordance with the standards of beauty because of this shape of eyes, and now this model of eyes has become a sign of their special and unattainable charm. Do people's tastes change over time, or does the world of marketing and advertising always seek to produce new business standards for hype and money-making? What do you think?

Sung Kang

Among the cases mentioned so far, the facial features of the elected officials had many similarities. Now it's Song Kang's turn. He also has the same features as his other famous counterparts, but in addition to being able to attract the attention of doctors in terms of symmetry and appropriateness of the size and position of his facial features, he also displays a kind of mystery in his eyes, which is apparently very attractive and enchanting for his audience and fans. Is.

He is in BTS

Experts say that "V" from the BTS group also has a face that is scientifically considered beautiful. His most important characteristic in his beauty is the combination of eastern and western features in his face. Some plastic surgeons have stated that they have many clients who come to their office with a photo of him and want to find a face like him. Regardless of whether such a face is really beautiful or not, holding a picture of someone and trying to look like them is not very pleasant. LT is? Do you like to make your face look like someone else? So what happens to the original features that you started with? We do not deny the effectiveness and benefit of beauty procedures, but it seems that these procedures are attractive and suitable as long as they are done to remove possible defects or beautify the parts of the face and body of each person according to him and not with changes to resemble another person. what do you think?

Seo Kangjoon

There are many requests from cosmetic doctors in Korea to look like this famous actress. The brown eyes of this actress have many fans. You might think it uses a lens, but it doesn't. He naturally has very beautiful brown eyes, which owes a large part of his popularity to their beauty and piercing. In terms of body and body, this Korean star has an attractive condition. Beauty doctors also believe that she is one of the rare and beautiful symmetrical faces.

Cha on woo

A review of the childhood pictures of this Korean star shows that she naturally had a beautiful face from the beginning. She has a symmetrical face, and according to cosmetic doctors, all the parts of her face are perfectly sized and placed in the exact and correct position. In my opinion, this Korean celebrity's face is more attractive than the rest of the introduced people. Perhaps we should look for something more than mathematical ratios to define attractiveness. Something like poise, innate sweetness, and of course, charm and behavior also have an effect on becoming more beautiful. what do you think?

at the end

Talking too much about beauty and endlessly promoting actions to become more beautiful will never lead to attractive results. Being surrounded by beauty standards, people become more and more uncomfortable and less satisfied with the face they see in the mirror. Unfortunately, today's world focuses more than it should on promoting and advertising commercial standards for attractiveness. The Kardashians, the world of K-Pop, small and big stars of the virtual space in social networks such as Instagram and Tik Tok, have taken away the peace of mind of many teenagers, women and men. Everyone wants to fit their face closer to the image of attractiveness. In the meantime, in addition to putting a lot of pressure on each person, severe mental and emotional damage also enters the door of their heart and mind. Dissatisfaction with oneself as a result of being far from common beauty standards can distort people's satisfaction with themselves in life. Do you agree with us?

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