I wish dollars would rain from the sky in our Iran!        

The users of the virtual space have a wide reaction to the news that "fish are falling from the sky in this dry desert!" showed, some users shared similar memories in this regard and some users also showed a humorous reaction to this news.

Online news: "Fish rains from the sky in this dry desert!" It was accompanied by a wide reaction from users.

A large number of users suggested the occurrence of this incident as irrational, while according to studies, the raining of fish from the sky is a scientific phenomenon, and as a result, animals may be thrown into a tornado-like column of fast air on the surface of the water. formed, stretched and thus traveled a long distance in the atmosphere. The Library of Congress report also suggests that tornado plumes, like water, are powerful enough to drag small animals into the vortex.

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One of the users named "Me" by mentioning that this phenomenon does not fit with reason; He said: "Exactly like the price in Iran, which does not fit with reason." And another user named "Saleh" said in this regard: "I think that if there is a wind and a storm, it should suck more animals and species with it, not only one species of fish, and there is undoubtedly a scientific interpretation in this matter. More research should be done." And another user named "Ali" said in this regard: "It must be said that it is the biggest lie in history."

A number of users reacted humorously to this story; In this regard, a user said: "I wish dollars would fall from the sky of Iran and feed the hungry people."

Another user named "May Gul" continued, "I wish money would fall from the sky."

In the meantime, some users shared their experience in this news about strange rains from the sky, a user named "Saeed" said in this regard, "God is witness, I saw with my own eyes that frogs were raining from the sky." When I was a child, we went with my family to Sareen in Ardabil province, the frogs ate so hard on the roof and hood of the car that they burned the roof and hood of the car. Within five minutes, the road was full of frogs that were jumping around and getting crushed under the wheels of cars. Remember, our car was also a desert deer and it had the status of today's SUVs. Old people must know which cars I am talking about. Its roof and hood were so hot that the car lost half of its price.

Some users also had strange opinions about this news, the user related this rain to the sky seas and said in this regard, "From the sky seas, we are inside a multi-layered bubble under a big ocean, and above the waters is the eternal realm." »

It should be mentioned that another theory proposed about the rain of fish in the Texarkana area indicates that birds had these fish in their mouths and threw them to the ground while flying over this area. This theory also applies to the phenomenon of 2022, when thousands of anchovies fell from the sky over the city of San Francisco.

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