See the stunning gift of the king to the killer of Amir Kabir        

Timcheh is a well-known name in Tehran market. The beauty of the timchehs (the yard that surrounds the shop) is so great that it is impossible for a tourist to come to Iran and not pay a visit to the Tehran market and its timchehs to purchase souvenirs from the various goods and to spend an hour in its original and traditional atmosphere. .

Hamshahri Online: Among the different timchehs in Tehran market, the construction of Hajib-doleh timcheh has a strange story.

When Amir Kabir and Naseruddin Mirzai of the Crown Prince came to Tehran for the coronation, Mirza Taqi Khan borrowed money from Mohammad Mahdi Malik al-Tajjar to finance the trip.

After Naser al-Din Shah came to the throne, Amir Kabir ordered the construction of Amir's bazaar to Malik al-Tajjar, and he built a bazaar and caravanserai within 80 months to sell Iranian goods and domestic products. Amir's market and caravanserai gained fame very quickly in such a way that travelers have written many times about this market, its importance and beauty in their memoirs and noted that this caravanserai is one of the sights of Tehran during the Qajar period.

Now listen from behind the scenes of making Hajib-doleh team: with the murder of Amir Kabir and the rise to power of Mirza Agha Khan Nouri, the attempt to tarnish the name of Amir Kabir in Tehran begins. In order to reduce the role of the market, the chancellor orders the construction of greenhouses and sheds in the corners of the market. One next to the Khandaq market, called Timcheh Chansler, and a Timcheh in the direction of the Cobblers' Bazaar, which was given permission to build by Ali Hajib al-Doulah Moghadam Maraghei (Farashbashi Naseruddin Shah) and the murderer of Amir Kabir; Timchei with eye-catching and very beautiful architecture.

"Ernest Ersel", a Belgian traveler, wrote in his memoirs: "Hajib al-Dawlah Caravanserai, the most attractive timcheh of the Qajar era, was a toothsome gift that Naser al-Din Shah gave to the murderer of Amir Kabir."

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