A huge frog as big as a cat!        

With a length of more than 30 cm and a weight of three kilograms, Goliath frog has dimensions close to a domestic cat!

Online news: With more than 30 cm in length and three kilograms in weight, the goliath frog has dimensions close to a domestic cat!

The amazing Goliath frog is a huge amphibian in the African continent, which is now listed as endangered due to over-hunting and habitat destruction.

This exceptional creature lives in parts of Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea.

Apart from hunting and destruction of the environment, another threat to the life of this wonder of the world of frogs is the growing interest of people in keeping it as a pet.

This giant amphibian is a predator and depending on its size, it hunts various animals on land and water. All kinds of insects and small crabs are in the food list of this type of frog and due to their size, they play an important role in balancing the ecosystem.

Of course, this predator itself is a greasy and soft bite for bigger predators such as crocodiles, lizards and finally humans.

The Goliath frog lives for about 12 years in the wild, but it has been seen that it has reached more than 21 years in captivity.

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