Qaqom hunted the rabbit with hypnosis technique!        

When the crows fail to catch a rabbit, they change their method and use hypnotic mesmerizing movements to confuse the rabbit.

Ferraro: Qaqom is an animal from the weasel family and native to the northern parts of Eurasia and North America. The muzzle is slightly larger than the small weasel and has a longer tail with a dark tip.

Qaqom is found more or less throughout the Northern Hemisphere and Arctic and sub-Arctic regions. In the 19th century, to control the increase in the population of rabbits, the skunk was introduced to New Zealand along with two other species of mink, but this caused the skunks to go to native birds, which were easier prey, causing the extinction of some species and a sharp decrease in the population of many species. other types of birds.

Cockroaches are nocturnal, but sometimes they come out during the day. Qaqom moves in a spiral while chasing its prey; And it has a high acceleration compared to its body. Qaqom is also a skilled swimmer and has been able to expand its numbers in the islands close to the shore.

Qaqom is one of the few animal species that can follow animals in the corridors in the corridors of their nests due to its long and narrow body.

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