Famous Hollywood Couples Who Still Have Married Despite Having a Child        

It’s hard for Hollywood couples to maintain their privacy, but Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias, 44, and his wife, former Russian professional tennis player, Anna Kournikova, 38 have figured it out.

Folks in the entertainment industry regular jump from one relationship to the next, but for Shakira and her partner Gerard Piqué, a Spanish professional soccer player, their love is still going strong almost a decade after meeting.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are a rare breed of A-List couple. Not only have they stayed together for almost a decade throughout their thirties – a rare feat in Hollywood – they have also managed to maintain absolute privacy and control over the public knowledge surrounding their relationship.

Diane Kruger was spotted out for a stroll in New York City on Wednesday. The Troy actress was seen pushing an empty baby stroller as it’s likely a friend was carrying her daughter but was not photographed.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham may have already been engaged for two years, but don’t start listening for wedding bells just yet. According to Huntington-Whiteley, they are in no hurry to tie the knot any time soon.

One of the most iconic and long-lasting couples in Hollywood is Goldie Hawn, 73, and Kurt Russell, 68. The famous on-screen duo has been together for over 35 years. Though the two have vowed not to marry, their commitment to each other seems like it’s never been stronger. Proof? This relationship timeline highlighting their epic, three-decade-long love story.

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