The clothes model that "Elham Hamidi" wears to show his thinness        

Elham Hamidi is a famous Iranian cinema actor. He is one of the fashionable actors of Iranian cinema, who we have often seen wearing attractive and diverse clothes in the virtual space. In the following section, we have included a video of the clothes model Ilham Hamidi wears to show his thinness. Clothes that make you look slim and handsome. First, know which part of your body is fat and you would like to cover it with clothes. Experts use dark colors to hide fat parts of the body, while light colors are used for more fit parts of the body. Elham Hamidi's clothes, on the other hand, you should also pay attention to the designs of your clothes. For example, clothes with large designs will make you look fatter, while clothes with small designs will make you look slimmer. So if you have a narrow waist and want to emphasize this part of your body, wear a dark dress, but the belt you wear should be light in color. Or if you want to make your fat legs look slimmer, wear dark colored pants. You must have heard about striped designs. Obese people should avoid wearing clothes with horizontal stripes, because it shows their width more, while vertical stripes draw the eyes up and make you look thinner. Some clothes have pleats, knots or pleats. It is better to put these designs on the appropriate parts of your body, which you like to emphasize. For example, if you have a narrow waist, you can wear dresses that have pleated designs on the waist.


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