The groom presented a gold bullion equal to the weight of the bride!        

A video circulating on social media shows a Pakistani groom offering a dowry to a bride weighing in gold bullion, a scene that drew widespread reactions.

Fararo: Social media activists shared a clip of a wedding ceremony in Dubai, where the groom presents gold equivalent to the weight of the bride.

In this video, the bride sits on one side of the scale and the groom's relatives start putting gold bars on the other side until the balance is established on both sides of the scale. After that, the groom placed a sword on the ingots amidst the applause of the audience.

The groom and the bride of this ceremony are Pakistani and this clip caused a wide controversy and Twitter users considered a dowry equivalent to the weight of gold for the bride to be exaggerated.

Some also said that the gold used is fake and part of the overall theme of the wedding.

One of the users wrote: Gold is worth more than Pakistan! Another user wrote: These were colored stone bricks...the wedding theme was copied from a Bollywood movie.

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